Which dlc predators you wanna see in the next update im building a poll

  • Falconer predator

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  • Wolf predator

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  • Beserker predator 2010

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Yakuza and falconer is what the game needs pls…we can’t forget how those 2 warriors fight to death!


This was actually my favorite scene/death in the movie. Them being Bad Bloods was annoying to me but this death was the most honorable. Also I love samurai/ninja/martial arts stuff so I’ve always fanboyed over that classic sword duel deathscene.

I was always dissapointed that in the OG '87 movie, Billy’s knife showdown was the ONLY completely off-screen encounter and one of two off-screen deaths.



More customisation/build/diversity options. (PERKS & GEAR)


I definitely think that there should be a more melee focused class in the FT. Like below avg accuracy/speed with gun handling, but unique bladed weapons as a locked secondary. “Warrior” class or something…
But ONLY if they nerf parry with the knife for everyone else, making it consume way more stamina, and lowering knife dmg output by 30% or so.
So basically this class would replace the current melee system for the FT, only dealing more dmg, possibly with added bleeding.

Hell I d love to be stun parried by a katana… that would be way more enjoyable and believable. That would make melee encounters actually fun while keeping up the challenge

P.s. it could include the possibility to customize it and turn it a Billy inspired class as well! Meat cleaver as an alternative to the katana. That would be super cool


Honestly I’d rather see some ft dlc so we can actually play this year

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Keep it up guys i like your thoughts and opinions on these predator that will come monthly updates to the game

I still want my butter knife for fireteam no predators until then.

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Guys Keep on picking up votes which predator you like

What about Scarface from Predator Concrete Jungle?


Holy shit yeah i want this predator be in the dlc as well and including more that predator was in the avp movies which is great tho

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Once again Wolf is trash.

Thats your opinion

The Falconer interests me because of what he might bring with him, so I’m gonna vote for him on this poll.

Edit - Just introduce large melee weapons for any FT member as secondary weapons. Meat cleaver, machete, katana, Short Spear, even a bo (Might be harder as it would need its own animations), would be cool additions. Then we can simply build our own melee specialist using the existing and future classes. If you do take a large size melee as a secondary you should get extra ammo for your primary, not double just a couple mags.

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il prefer mr. black
wolf is not good to play in this game for now, only with additional mechanics and some more stealth…
a lot of his gear is focused on this and second…the whip and the dual plasma cannon will need a lot of time and data to write down to make it in here…
if they will change or add new mechanincs yeah…i will definetly like to have wolf…cuz reasons…
if not…well mr black is better for the mechanics that are now and the game style.

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This should have been all the knives. They even have “stats” on them… some should have more reach but less damage, others should have bleed damage, others might have better block chance but slower weapon switch.

It was just a huge missed opportunity imo.

No telling if they’ll be changed in the future, why not make a suggestion in feedback.

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I’ll just be silently waiting over here hoping we get Dark from AVP 2010 along with most of the masks that were in that game


How about Predators that are actually good and were successful not these scrubs. These three would ne target practice

Ohhh i like these image what you sent to me but th 4th image of that predator mask nahhh it got his own half broken mask the 4th picture image the fireteam will got that predator straight headshot kill