Who hates Star Wars

I do . I think its pretentious and has nothing to offer the sci-fi community other than a way to get parents to spend money on JAR JAR STINKS. I’m sick of it. Thank god for Dune…thank god or Star Trek…and thank god for @James-Cameron
You can’t seriously think that utilizing the same re-hashed tropes after 6 - 9 movies as way to make people interested in sci-fi? What they are doing is exploiting their own niche tropes. They are in essense tropes that are niches. Can’t say that for something like Ridley Scotts Raised by Wolves.
Not only is it good practice to never exploit tropes or niches, but it is better to NEVER MONOpoliZE on it. Like the way Lucasass does it by making toys,and breakfast cereal.

Star Wars is just Dune for people with a short attention span.

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Lucasfilms basically goes into debt continually. in hopes their marketing team can save their graphic design expenses by frivolous adverts to sell stupid plastic toys to kids and it includes soap bubble makers and bubble gum. That basically what the game is…just a bunch of graphic designers putting them into debt then they need to sell shitty products like bubble gum and sugary treats.

Their whole system is stupid.
but they profit tremendously because their sugary treat costs 5$ when it actually takes 5cents to make.

Star Wars is great before that new trilogy, now Disney got control of it and is turning it into Dune and Star Trek! Star Wars was about a son finding his destiny like his father, only to end up finding out his father was the bad guy and wanted to redeem him, he even shows there was still good in him by denying the Emperor and not choosing the dark side which saved him by his father, proving Luke was right but it ended with him sacrificing himself for his son (because you know during 60-70 era a lot of child abandonment issues)

The new prequel trilogy was just to expand the lore of his father from rise to fall even explaining the confusing clone wars in the old comics and novels and that series was great, if you haven’t seen it then you no nothing of Star Wars and so stick to your series which got rebooted since Star Wars never had to since it was great lol 😂😆😝


yeah but the shit spawned somuch other crap that people HAD TO like. Like Ewoks and Droids the animated shows. and all other shite. like books…breakfast shit. I mean what was the point? To make Goerogio Lucas a fucking dictatorship? I suppose i just answered my question.

To put his stupid ass on the stock market now owned by Disney. Now they canmakefactories to grow Lucas Film based Vegatable Produce. Lucas Films Wineries…Lucas Films Bananas. Did we fucking need it? Hell no?

But think of all those countries depending on Lucas Films to put momand pop to work!

Holy Fuck! Where did a novelist turn sour and decided to rule the fucking world?

A New Hope is pretty much a ripoff of the first Dune book. From the Empire and Stormtroopers, sword fights in space, to the Jedi and the Force. It all comes from Dune so kinda backwards to say they’re trying to be Dune… they were doing that from the very beginning lol

There was never any plan about making more than one film, the success of A New Hope is what got the story going. Darth Vader was originally just his name, until it was later decided to be a title, and the idea of him being Luke’s Father came in post production of Empire.

Like shit if they kept going with the same writers and tropes, the next Darth would be called Darth Tercepter to fit the original scheme of using ‘invader’ or ‘insidious’ as bad guy names lol

Star Wars has always been a make-it-up-as-you-go franchise. Always meant to sell toys and merchandise.

My wife has never seen a single movie or extended universe piece of content. And yet she could recite every movie from beginning to end just from pop culture references, she hates it

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It’s called marketing so people will like your shit, if I recall Star Trek did that to in fact all franchises do it, the only worse thing right now is Disney owning it and now using the force is a female theme and apparently adding more empowered female bullshit even though they ignored the already top ones like Leia, Ashoka and Padme

And yet it didn’t need to reboot it series lol and Darth Vader being the most iconic villain in history unlike dune which no ones heard about HELL I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT IT WAS ABOUT TILL I READ THIS THREAD LOL

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They all suck. Except caravan of courage, that’s the only good one.

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Really? Star Wars in now in its second reboot phase… they legit can’t help but continually change and update things to appeal to the market, it has no soul or identity of its own.

That just shows you don’t know what you’re talking about lol anyone who reads books knows about Dune. It’s the single most influential SciFi story. Kinda why they keep making movies and shows about it. You’re obviously in the dark because there’s no toys or Disney shows for it. Probably will be after the new movie, so check it out.

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Disney trilogy sucks ass, everything else is great tho!!!

Star Wars is for pansies that have furry midget fetishes

& sack boy is for pansies who have rucksack fetishes.

This means war

And 40k is a better Dune

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I’ve heard 40k came from Dune, never got into tabletop games though so I haven’t the slightest clue.

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Oh yeah lots of inspiration from Dune. I have and will never get into the tabletop but I love the lore and am hoping for some decent 40k games to come out, there’s like 1 good one for every 20 trash ones.


Fuck you

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