Who here has finished their achievements?

Anyone? Anyone close to it?

I have like 7 left.

Please boast! So that we can applaude and ask for more achievements 2.0 from the devs!

I know the combistick from 100meters is impossible to do without a friend.


I have 6 left and am getting very close.

Ultimate Hunter -Unlocked after all other trophies are unlocked.
Precision -As the Predator, hit a Fireteam member with a combistick throw over 100m.
Predkour Master -As the Predator, Travel a total of 100 KM in the trees.
Pruning -As a Fireteam member, shoot down 100 Tree cover branches.
Mission Accomplished -As a Fireteam member, complete 100 missions with successful Exfils.
Headhunter -As a Fireteam member, get 1000 headshots on AI enemies.

Wish it would let us see the progress on the trophies though.

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I think this one has to be done in one go. Because I if it is measured from the very start till the present, then it would already have registered by now.

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Yeah, if it was overall, a lot more people would have it.

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I just need to claim 1000 ft members.
I have no idea how many I need though, I wish there was stat tracking.

1000 or 100FT?

It sure is, and that’s how I got that one. I completed the rest a while back. August 7th, ancient and platinum trophies.

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1000 ft

IS it called Trophy Taker? That one is 100 FT Long Claims. You must be thinking abut the 1000 AI head shots. Thats the only achievement asking for 1000 of anything.

1000 claims is called “Ancient”

It’s a hidden trophy.

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I’m missing

  • Ultimate Hunter
  • Elite: Pretty sure I’m almost there
  • Ancient: I’ll be able to track how many I need after getting Elite
  • Predkour Master: I think it’s bugged, or not tracking properly

Just the way you format it makes me feel like these need to have an unlock of a predator skin of some sort after completion! I wonder if Illfonic thought of that shit?

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I would love to unlock something after getting an achievement (PS4 Trophy)
But what would I get for getting something like Sneaky Medic or 30-50 Feral Hogs

I have most of the Pred ones including Ancient (got ages ago and actually think I’m probably over 2000 claims by now), but hardly any of the FT as I hardly ever play as them.

If I played Predator daily I’d be there, but I only play once or twice a week

I just realized it is 100KM not Meters. That equals to 100,000meters. So maybe i think it could be cumulative.

I have finished my achievements

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how did it feel?