Who sucks your dicks to keep the Predators as impossible to deal with as they are?

Seriously. 2-3 hits tops to take down a player in melee and at range, soaks bullets like rain water and you want to make it harder to hear them coming and see them? All 4 fire team members firing on them and they just wade in and cut the team to ribbons with 0 concern for the damage they take. This is literally the only game I have ever played where I rage quit the match because there is literally no point in playing once the predator finds you because only if the person playing the predator practically lays down the controller and let’s you just go all out on them can you win. F13 is more balanced than you and you have to follow a very specific path to kill Jason.


Bruh big no. 2 people can rinse the predator in seconds if you are just landing your shots. Try not missing


Well personally and exclusively me… My wife.

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Also 2-3 hits with what downs you? Cause unless you mean the smart disc this is also a big no


I’ve been playing more FT lately and melting Predators. As usual, the main deciding factor most games is skill.

Edit: I realized after reading this out sounds very self serving. I wasn’t trying to imply I’m good at FT. I think I’m average. What I was trying to convey is that when I’m on the winning side our team is just better. When the Predator wins, he is very, very smart about it.


Pointlessly hostile/profane, not to mention falacious, Troll Post is rated 0 Stars. Do not recommend. Close topic please.


James Cameron detects a troll.


We playing the same game? It sounds more like every match you’ve played you’ve had @James-Cameron as the Predator

It’s definitely a Pred game now (or I’m that rusty from not playing for two weeks) but FT still can win easy with just a little coordination

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@Fck_u_illfonic Ur a troll


Dude, you are so far off point its laughable… it is quite the opposite.


This is possible. James Cameron vaguely remembers several brief fights with a noob FT member. James Cameron tried playing one handed with only wrist blades and no cloak but still wiped the team in 12 seconds. It was at least double the average lifespan of any FT James Cameron encounters.


12 seconds is a long time for James tho maybe your giving them to much credit lol like 2 seconds flat you wiped the whole team with wristblades :b

Why can’t people try to be constructive? :(

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Cause fak you!

Because people cant control their emotions.



;D lol. It might be a troll, but god dude. So many angry people.

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I am totally agree with this. Playing as pred is boring cause 10 of 10 i win it easily.
Playing with ft is boring because if you got an at least average skilled pred. You simply cant win.

I down relatively consistently with 2-3 hits of katana so its not unlikely.

I agree but only if you arent working as a team.

No you don’t. This isn’t a case by case basis hahah, there’s no melee weapon that’s downing in 2 hits. If you do that, it means they weren’t at full health. The weapons have damage numbers they don’t just randomly down people quicker sometimes

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