Who sucks your dicks to keep the Predators as impossible to deal with as they are?

Everyone does do it


Im at lvl 143, and I still lose as Predator occasionally. Mostly to skilled, coordinated FTs, but there is no 'run in wipe everyone out. Not even with Berserker class. A good FT will still hand you your own behind. Please return to under the bridge from whence you came (thats where trolls reside).

I mean against most if not all uncoordinated fts I run in and wipe everyone as scout. Its really not hard.

Ofc as soon as they are coordinated it becomes exponentially harder

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Thats where true sweat begin

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Parrying is easy to counter: backup NetGun them, Use Plasma Caster at close range, Leap Slam then Melee, back-off use a ranged weapon, Leap, Run and flank with your attacks on FT isn’t facing you while melee striking.

The only reason you’re getting parried over and over is because you’re predictable.

I’m surprised this thread is still open

Illfonic is to busy on Twitter to actually look at the forums, Illfonic is running the forums as president trump is running america, pretty Shitty.

people are dumb thinking the Presidents have the power to do anything in the executive branch at the city level… its the fucking dumb ass democratic liberals in all your towns that can’t run a fucking town.

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I like to call them the council of kings because the president doesn’t run the country as much as people think and I personally believe they’re the most powerful branch in the us government.

The very first comment is basically how I’ve experienced some matches with them meta lads.

It ain’t fun, thats for sure, and forces a yautja to go meta.

def not even that for sure… powerful as in no bills get passed unless you give me blow job. Well put the dumb-ass American’s and complacency will turn us into a dictatorship before long… we are already socialist… not a democracy.

America is not socialist. It’s also not a democracy. It’s a Plutocracy. The wealthy make the rules. Republican. Democrat. Conservative.
Liberal. None of that matters if you aren’t rich enough to pay people to listen to you. All of the ruling Senate/Congress have ties to wealthy families. If you think we are socialist you have a very very poor understanding of political philosophy, lol.

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ok i agree with that too… then everything you just said is a Plutocracy… money makes the world go around.

Sorry Yuppers I realize that wording came off way more aggressive and personal attack than I was intending.

i like the aggressiveness… i heard that word before but didnt use it cause people be like wahhhhhhh???
But yes your 100% correct… and how it got this way was gold standard and no monetary accountability

Lol we actually totally abandonded the gold standard at least for awhile I think during I want to say WW2 but I might be mistaken. I know we did and never truly recovered from it. Basically we printed a ton of cash and told the world “our money has whatever value we tell you it does so there.” It was when the Federal Reserve Bank was established I think. Again not 100% certain on some dates/details but I know we said F the gold standard at one point, lol.

LOl were straight capitalist and it’s fucking us. Which Dictate what goes around.

yes because Republicans only look out for the rich, thanks for showing your inner Trumptard, must also have been that Brainwashing from the Military too.

Logic is ineffective at dealing with the presence of emotions

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Wrong… there are a lot of military that hate the system to… Officers are the ones to watch out for… they will sell enlisted anything the commander in chief wants…killing peoples kids since 1944