Why are we giving them MORE ideas?


It’s been a year with this game, it’s still Swiss cheese.

Why are we continually giving this company more ideas to create future games with?

They aren’t putting any of our ideas into the game…

So I ask why are we providing fantastic ideas for this company to use at a later date, possibly not even in this game?


Besides the Glorious melon shader.

Yeah Idk.

Gives them something to do I guess


I’m beside myself wondering how we are asking for items (some still to be delivered on) a full year later.

Just bizarre to me.

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Raid Illfonic HQ and fix the game ourselves 😂(jk, just a joke)


Cause boredom


Dont say that you will get a strong worded email about how they will take legal action against you


Set development and release timeline at the whims of Sony and Fox. They do incorporate some of the stuff we’ve asked but it’s in addition to what they’re already doing and are a year or so behind on more recent things. They’ve also admitted to having tried stuff we’ve suggested and it just didn’t work. Somethings look good on paper but in practice not really.

They also gave us clash because they thought people didn’t want to wait to be pred “which was true”, but it was a be careful what you wish for type mode.

Swiftly tossed together, minimal thought, minimal fun (but this is what they thought we wanted?)

They play tested clash and gave it to us and it is far from a predator experience. 99% of the forum even voted on hunt being better than clash.

If illfonic keeps “testing” and deeming things “bad ideas”, yet they gave us clash? There is no hope of a well rounded game mode because they won’t even consider community suggestions or deem them bad ideas (2 v 6 mode) (My brain just exploded due to me not being able to fathom this scenario). Sounds to me, if they didn’t create the idea first, it is automatically a bad idea.


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Do not speak of that abomination here


I just need to show everyone what Illfonic deems “a good game mode” (clash) and what us, the community deem “a good game mode” (2 v 6).

We are fucking doomed if they look at @DisturbedLlama 's mode as inferior to clash or having an inability to balance it.

It’s such a shame how they view the community and the ideas produced.

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what else we going to do waiting 10 mins between matches?! lol

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Nearly spat my coffee all over my desk… LOOOL

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I’ve once created few threads, and on them I have shown and explained how some in game designs can and should be improved (weapons, wrist launcher, Vex and City Hunter mask in particular). I have even re-done all the necessary assets and offer to share them.

I have not got a response of any sort, despite those threads had max positive feedback from the community. And than I’ve asked the very same question you are asking just now - I’m still awaiting response to that question…


I appreciate the shoutout. I’d jus like to see them take the idea and run with it

Its a gaming forum not an invitation to the dev team. They have their own roadmap with their own deadlines.

Being salty about it is like being like “Why doesn’t Riot Games implement my upvoted champion and gamemode??!” and then getting indignant about it.

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It would be nice if they shared their roadmap tho

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Yep but all they can disclose is that they can’t disclose

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It’s a little strange to get impatient, now that we’re just a couple weeks from the anniversary update.

I love when people complain about we haven’t gotten what we asked for or they don’t listen to my ideas…
Tell you what, I will sit and wait while you explain how down to the comma, to add what it is you want to the game and 5% of the code needed to implement said what you asked for.

You all looking at everything wrong. 2v6 you say, well now balance of weapons/perks has to change. Which will effect the balance of 1v4 and so on.
It’s not as simple as adding 2 more fireteams and 1 more predator as you think it is.
Given that it is illfonic we aren’t aren’t taking about top of the charts coders or testers here.

I am all for a 2v6 mode (though it would highly favour the preds winning.) I personally think they should just release it and balance as needed (for that mode only.) Sadly it ain’t that simple due to this communities raw misunderstanding of how things work and would flame the game if they did.