Why can't you guys just do this? Add a game pass!

Why can’t you guys just make a game pass and make money off of that… like make it have PAID skins and FREE skins… the PAID ones would look more better obviously to the eye… while free ones look like regular decals we saw from the game…

This way you guys can make all predator classes and fireteam classes free to play… and not them being a DLC.

I think its fair to say dutch 87 can stay as paid DLC and so does City hunter and Jungle hunter… BUT all others and upcoming preds should stay free but the decals for them should not stay free…

This will just be so much better… part of me kind of got sad for the game or felt depressed a bit cause i have to pay for dutch and city hunter… and the thing that will make me fully sad would be having to pay for Scar and Wolf pred… i dont think its fair at all…

Fair thing would be to make profit from Game pass and stuff similar to that which does not change the game at all…

@IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet

Again i dont expect you guys to respond and i also know this sounds crazy for you guys that actually profit from this game and gives u money but this hurts most of us… the people that paid for the game and want to play with all classes both fireteam and predator wise.


And guys before you start saying.

“Lol they will never do that cause they want money.”

I am aware but i still want for the devs to reconsider about it…

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I got $20 I’m willing to part with


I honestly think they can profit more with adding a game pass instead of doing class dlcs… thats so wrong on so many levels atleast for me and many other people…

They can make a store which allows people to buy XP boosters or Money boosters as in double earnings…

They can make it so you pay like 20$ to buy entire game pass unlocked… or u pay 5$ to get it and slowly unlock skins

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I like the current set up. I don’t want to pay 20 bucks every few months. This way I can buy what I like.

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There’s a lot they could do

Can/will they though?

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Have you read what i have said…

The problem is they want to profit via classes… and not other shit that does not influence the game…

Other games like fortnite profit from shit that does not change the game at all…

I dont think its fair that people have to pay for classes to play with their desired classes… and i personally got nothing againts them making like a ultimate animated skins that cost 100$ lmao… and im pretty sure people will pay for that lol…

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Isnt the gamepass like 5$ lol… and with it u get like multiple rewards.

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In R6S and Rocket league u can pay more money to unlock like 100 tiers or more… aka unlock shit instantly instead of playing to unlock.

Classes can be both payed and free ie. Elder. We don’t know how future FT classes will work yet, we’ve only gotten Dutch and named characters have rights to be paid for.

Bigger companies can afford to have people grinding out new skins, I don’t think illfonic is big enough to give that level of content. Dbd only recently acquired enough staff to try it and to be honest I have no interest in their system being ported to here.

Idk im againts paying for classes. (got nothing else to say)

Its a very very snake bad evil move that is not humane at all.

I would be over 100% fine if they just added a skin system lol

Elder is literally such a bad class lol… even scout is better than him gameplay wise.

If the classes were free i would be maining city hunter due to better stats overall.

Lmao facts 😂

There should be a FT battle pass as well as a Predator battle pass and Ultimate battle pass that includes both

Both passes come with the new map but everything else will be geared towards either FT or Predator

Passes should include new weapons, characters, gear/perks and other cosmetics


Hell no, dont make this game into another pay cash space barbie. DLC’s are enough.

This is why I kinda prefer Hunting Ground’s approach towards Level Based Rewards and DLC Items.

At least you’re paying for something your going to get immediately, and if you don’t wanna pay for something like the Katana or Hammerhead, you can just unlock it later on.

Meanwhile, in COD: MW, you gotta pay for these “COD COINS”, buy the Battle Pass, and then you gotta grind for the stuff for like 2 months or else you won’t even get what you paid for.

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At least Fall Guys does the Battle Pass the right way, to the point where it isn’t even considered a Battle Pass and just a “Season” filled with progression earned items and stuff that rewards you for playing for an extended period of time.

That’s what a “Battle Pass” for Predator should be.

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I enjoyed this idea.

Have it so on the hunting ground you have a “license” to hunt on the grounds for said season.

Each season can have its themes and respective body armour cosmetics added to the game earned through progression. Special armour can be earned through tougher challenges through the season? 200 masks? 500 full claims?

The more you hunt, the cooler your gear/armour looks.

This can provide the artists and folk at illfonic to do nonstop creating and provide deeper lore/story to the franchise

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Yeah i was basically saying what @Elliott626 is saying they should be doing…

Something pay 2 look cool and stuff for those who like skins and stuff… But does not impact the game what so ever…

they can also have those Double Money and XP boosters like rainbow six has it.

But in general im highly againts paid classes its a inhumane move from sony.

I mean yeah weapons get free but the classes dont :/

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You’d still be paying for them though man, you’d just be paying and then also, having to grind to get what you paid for.