Why i dont like the new patch.

Ok. before i started. with my complain. i will said two things.

  1. first of all the game was dead, congratulations to the team reviving the game.
  2. the developers listened to our complains.

Like i said i am mauricaw the best fucking player in this game as ft and pred

I choose first the pred to see what these patches doing. and it was awful.
i leave the match with pc players because they cheat as always. and second the movement of the pred was different. it feels like you cannot jump high and move quickly for the stealt kills. another thing is that the axe and the plasma caster was nerf. i didnt do damage as cleopatra even having fearless. i mean what hell.
second with the axe i cannot kill easily and quickly.

later playing as a fireteam. i dont feel the right way the mechanics because for example even having the duelist scout i dont feel that i am running faster. and the weapons such as 1911 and saw sniper they dont do the same damage with the super fanatic .

You cannot do bugs that are part of the game.

I mean i love the game. but i dont like this patch because they get out all the fun. hiding and doing fun things. with all the friends.

Who is mauricaw?

(5) itsalex_74 - Twitch these guy

I’ve beaten you. Three times.

The axe was bugged. What you call “easy and quick” kills, I call lazy, exploitive and no skill.

Yes, to both. But the axe does considerable damage still. I watched a live stream today and the player was downing people consistently with the axe.

Are you saying you tried the Fanatic exploit? Because you’re lazy? Well they fixed it, so sucks for you. Regardless, exploit or not, the damage from those guns are the same.

The exploits and bugs were excessively damaging and unfair problems that prevented people from “doing fun things” with the game. They were not “part of the game” in the sense that they were intended, they were problems left in by Illfonic due to negligence. Just because you can use them, doesn’t mean you should.

Your whole approach on this game is wrong.


you cheat in these game. thats why you win. like a said. i dont intent arguing with you lol

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Arent you one of the potatos that used fanatic bug from the incel frog clan?


I see him on occasion. He has like this weird turtle avatar. He also likes to randomly friend request people.

So do you, bro. You just admitted to using a bugged weapon and an exploitable specification to get easy wins.

samhaim13 another cheater that uses the pc hacks


nobody wants you as a friend. lol. like i said they need to fixed the again because its pretty lame.

So yes you are

frog cartel rules! they beat you easily

I can show you the requests you’ve sent me every time I encounter you if you’d like. You’re really making yourself look stupid right now.

You are the only one resorting to cheats to win and thats why you upset, cus you cant use your exploits anymore


I don’t think he was a frog. I was in the frog group and I never saw him in it. But he is a potato, 100%.

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you thrash. i am telling that the game was fine before the patches. the change the entire mechanics of the game. like what a hell with the plasma it doesnt do any damage.

stupid you jajajaja.

You’re just mad you need to rely on skill now. Which, you don’t have, obviously.


the game was fine. they only need to fixed somethings not the mechanics of the game like jumping and running and aiming. like i said you are the potatoe.

samhaim13, you cheat too. as blazeking. using the pc to get advantage. why you are complaining about

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