Why isn't PhG Ilffonic's Nr1 priority game?

Why are they not focusing and giving their most energy and money to make their most popular game even better.

Why are they creating games like Arcadegeddon that nobody truly cares about?

Isn’t it logical to focus on your most popular game and make it greater?


They don’t care or it’s too much effort for little reward? Honestly at this point it would be a sunk cost fallacy to try and repair this game and it won’t fix the damage done to their community and fans.


“They don’t care”

Guess they don’t like earning money then :)

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They already made their money mate, they think all sales are final and anything after that will be at their leisure. Predator funded arcadegeddon.


They’re beyond dumb to think that way then. Look at all the gaming industry, most money is made after post launch mostly with micro transaction models etc… Just look at GTA 5 online, says it all, make more money off shark cards than from actual game sales.


I just hope one day, Rebellion gets the rights to this game, and fixes it.


Because about 99% of PHG sales have already happened. Putting out another cosplay pred with no 8v2 mode or anything else exciting isn’t gonna generate more sales. In fact even releasing awesome new maps and modes probably still wouldn’t sell more than a few extra copies of the game.

They need new games to make money. PHG isn’t GTA V. Not enough players to buy dlc or make micro transactions for premium loot boxes etc.

Even if they had a fair size of playerbase , the amount and quality they have put into anything is maybe just something people don’t want to invest in .

You get a feeling of minimal effort from launch with the game .


I would compare their game more to the trilogy rockstar just released , instead of gta 5 😁 but I get your point , they have made millions from shark cards and illfonic have a pattern of making a quick buck and moving on .

Because they haven’t done a good job with this game. They have a golden franchise, well known worldwide and look at it. Pathetic.

This game has SO MUCH POTENTIAL and could be an absolute killer game if done right and that WILL ATTRACT people to play it and pay for it (like buying cosmetics with real money etc).

I see, so no hope for PhG, basically a dead game until people completely get bored of it and it fades into oblivion.

Good job Illfonic on missing out on an absolute golden opportunity to make a killer game from a killer franchise ;)


We can only hope a decent studio gets their shot at it , this game was padding for their resumè

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  1. Contracts
    Illfonic does not have the freedom to do whatever they want with the franchise. Part of the reason F13 tanked was licensing issues with the likeness of certain models. This is likely why we get these silly themed predators like samurai and viking instead of established ones.

  2. Lack of community dedication.
    Illfonic doesn’t really care so much about what the consumer wants, theyre going to make the game they want and keep focus on hitting their own marks. They 100% know exactly what people want to see in this game, they don’t care, instead they basically use these forums as a QA resource. Ultimately turning the consumer into bug testers. Those of you who painstakingly do Illfonics job for them are not making them a better company nor building the value of this game. While you were documenting and writing out issues, illfonic was working on Arcadegeddon and Ghostbusters. Stop. If you need reassurance, instead of communicating properly with us regarding development they just got someone to snub any political discourse when people veer anywhere right of trotsky, off-topic or not. Their focus is… not on the community.

  3. Predator is not actually a big seller.
    The movies should be a clue. While some people might like the shlocky cheesy low budget direction the series has gone, those of us with standards know they fucking suck and no one likes them who isn’t a diehard fan already. This game never had a chance to be huge because the demand for Predator stuff has always been pretty minimal. Hence the player count and running into the same people regularly. It’s a niche property that exists for amateurs to use in both movies and games. It’s a gig; a jobber of a franchise.

  4. Illfonic is an emerging company.
    Illfonic seems to use established properties as a vehicle to both show basic competence as a developer and fund their own ventures. You can’t really expect them to die on this hill when they’re trying to grow their company and experience. Gotta remember this is their second game, and second time leaving players a little sour. They probably want to try making something people won’t lambast them for. Can’t blame them for that.

  5. Competence
    As stated, Illfonic is a newer company. They don’t have the aptitude of people who’ve been making games for decades, these guys literally got their breakthrough from kickstarter… which is ironic considering the lack of communication. Every time they give us an update, we also get 50 bugs making the game a headache to bother playing for some time. Like shit they added a new predator, night mode, and blue screen mode all at once, definitely not a developer you could call professional just yet.

  1. Correct

  2. That individual admitted to being an Authoritarian Trotskyist

  3. Correct. Most people think of the first 2, usually the first, movies when thinking of Predator

  4. & 5. No excuse for their continual fuck ups. There’s other games made by new game studios and devs that have done well or at least not even as close to as badly as illfonic has with their games.

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Yes, and Kass was liking his posts before people said ‘wtf are you unironically a communist’ then it was ‘no more politics’ and favorable suspensions lol

Not trying to excuse their behavior as a company, just giving a fair explanation on why this game isn’t all it could be. Their fuck ups do have reasons, some people might just overestimate what illfonic is capable of when it comes to this game.


Well controls freaks tend to side to one side of the political spectrum, so is it really surprising a mod would do that?

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Wait , what the hell did I miss? 😄

I suspended everyone including the person you’re talking about. I’m sorry if I gave the impression I was being favorable towards a specific party.

Reminder to keep politics off the forums please.

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Even in off topic?