Why the hell is 90% of the PS community so scared to play me?

Literally Every single lobby I get into with any somewhat known PS community players someone backs out now.
Like is there some kind of fucking conspiracy to make me die of old age queuing up Predator matches until I only play against 3 potatoes and a damn Bot?
If I could be assed to list all the names of these idiots I’d be here for almost as long as queuing up a Predator match.
Erros333, Helga Bear, Dicegame, Voodoo1stLady, drossochre, and people who I literally don’t even know, are only to name a few.
Its not my fault that I actually know how to aim with a controller and that you all just assume anyone who can use Bow properly is hacking because all you can do is play Dutch 87, Support and Dante and spam grenades and mash knife. The funny part is, I can play like an absolute idiot all game and miss most of my shots, and you will STILL LOSE and call me a hacker lmfao.
I can’t even hack on console, let alone with my shitty Base PS4 that crashes literally every 5-10 minutes, and my broke asf PS4 controller with stick drift harder than Johnny Sins’ morning wood.
I’d honestly rather get my ass kicked for an hour straight by real PC Hackers like Aston (not a dig) or by beasts like CraFTS-maN, Gesp & Samhain than queue, and requeue on PS for 40 minutes just to kill 3 Comms or Assault Deadlys and a Bot in max 3 mins 30 sec.
At least fix matchmaking so I can play Vs PC players and don’t have to resort to buying a PC or changing my fuckin PSN username again so these idiots don’t back out of the lobby as soon as they recognise me every time like its their religion or something lmao

Anyways, rant over and done with, my special present on Friday the 13th for absolutely everyone to enjoy, and make sure to imagine the veins popping in my head and steam coming out of my ears and my eyes out on stalks whilst typing and ‘raging’ this as a certain choice adjective some use to describe me, and eat some popcorn while you’re at it. Happy Hunting, Happy Slashing.

(And for you fuckers who are gonna say ‘why do you still play this game?’, I wonder the same thing myself ’


I haven’t played in 6 months me will still rek you


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I am the best after all


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You just named like 60% of the people who still play this


This should be a sign that you should drop this pos and play better more populated ones.

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We also miss you bro) in the evening I can gather a squad and we can play a private match again.🤗

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COME ON! @Anonymous.Voorhees13 COME AND FACE ME!

i would assume it’s at a point now with the game that the people that play it even if they are good aren’t looking for challenging games anymore they’ve been there done that they jsut want to roll over some braindead predators and laugh and as predator players they want to do the same to ft potatoes



also, fuck you maax <3

Bro that honestly sounds like heaven at this point Hahaha
I’ll happily play, just unsure when I’ll be able to get on to play you atm. I’ll keep you posted anyhow :)

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There’s enough players to make 90%?

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I’ve gotten you in pubs and backed out only because I know I’d get my ass kicked. It’s nothing personal, I just know my skill level. I only play now to dick around and troll potatoes. I ran into Helga and her Dante squad tonight and I backed out of that too, so don’t feel bad lol. I just want to play casually, not sweat.

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Okay, I’ll be waiting for you 😉

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You’ve backed out on me before?

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssstardddddddddd lol 😂

I don’t blame you tbh but yeah. They are simple, all they can do is shoot impact grenades and throw them. I literally tested it and Helga genuinely just kept reloading and missing her impact grenades while I was right in front of her and very shootable with Hammerhead rounds🥴
You just have to stay mobile till they run out of grenades and then if you’re aim is off just use Plasma lol.
If you’re lucky they’ll conveniently blue screen as soon as their 3rd Field Medic is on the floor🤪

But yeah frankly whenever I get one good player in a team of potatoes who I’m friendly with, I tend to just kill the potatoes, let then get rein, then kill the potatoes again, and then 1v1 the last good guy. Had one with @PlayStation_sniper not too long ago. He’ll tell ya. The Top G dealt me about 5000 damage haha on the Airstrip.

I’d rather just play people than just queue up for 40 odd minutes just to kill 3 potatoes and a Bot in like 2 mins. Frankly its getting ridiculous now.

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Looking forward to it as always bro👍

Can’t wait to get my ass handed to me by the PC Gods on my peasant PS4 🤣🤣

Unless someone else on PS who has you added joins my lobby on my PS5 later and then invites you 🤔

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You cry about this alot. You ever think it’s more cause of your shit personality more than anything?
You put up a facade of the forums but you dont sound like someone fun to play with or hang out at all.

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I don’t talk to these people I just kill them.

I mean if you wanna have a dig at my personality I really do not care. I am who I am. Make whatever assumptions you want.

I also directly ask these people why they leave my lobbies and they call me a hacker so its kind of obvious what the reason is.