Why the hell is 90% of the PS community so scared to play me?

Last I checked you were the fat fuck living at home not me. Kick rocks potato


ouroboros! u damn yourself!

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While I have a huge ass list of grievances with the education system, like how there is just too many standardized testing, not enough true lessons such as critical thinking, practical life skills, and how underfunded it is overall, I agree that grade school is still a good option to walk on. So much better then just going into the military from the get go in my opinion, no offense to anyone who goes into the military btw.

Apart from the fact that noone does that lmao
It would be presented in the news and groped at by every right-wing newspaper out there. Also do you really feel the need to point out that this website is not the be-all and end-all? That’s fairly fucking obvious.

Oh fuck me…
Aight, here we go again: RACISM is a PROBLEM. It is just NOT the BIGGEST PROBLEM in the WORLD. All the TANGIBLE CONSEQUENCES of racism are INSULTS and the occasional BEATING or MURDER. To put this into perspective something like WARRING POLITICAL PARTIES or POVERTY will BURY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE or make their lives DRASTICALLY WORSE. Can you read that, you fucking ape? And yes, I called you an ape even though you’re spainish because calling anyone a monkey reguardless of race is an insult.

No, you moron. If that’s the case, then by that logic racist people just don’t have that primal instinct, and if you want you eradicate all racists that makes you a eugenicist at best. Recoil to racism is something ingrained in our ideologies from day one, and I’m not saying that’s bad but it is definitely not a ‘primal instinct’.

The thing is, there’s nothing factual about it on either side. It’s all about how you choose to view the semantics, and fuck me, the majority don’t see it either of our ways otherwise if racism is so widespread, the murder rate would jump up by at least an extra 10%. The only ‘fact’ in this conversation is, racism is mean-spirited insults and violence at its current state. Maybe fifty years ago, it was a massive problem and lead to the ruining of many millions of people’s lives, but that was fifty fucking years ago. Racism is just general asshole-ishness with a different excuse, so what the fuck seperates it from the bajillion and one other excuses humans have made to be pricks to one another?


Nobody’s wrong by definition. We’re having a debate in which we compare and refute opinions.

You really need to take a reading comprehension course lmfao

Ah yes.
Just as Mussolini would be irrelevant if he were asked to join a debate on the merits and demerits of the housing scheme.
My killing of people has fuck-all to do with racism, numb-nuts. It’s completely irrelevant to the topic, and honestly trying to bring that into it to disqualify me from making comment is pretty lazy and stupid.

Yes, but as I said before, just try getting rid of me bitch. You and everyone else on this planet is stuck with me for at least another 20 years, and that’s indisputable unless someone nukes the UK.

i don’t know what google you use, must be scottish google. if so, explains a lot

Google is google, dipshit XD

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seemingly not

Move to Scotland buddy , you can rent a patch on my grass and have a tent. We can fish and everything 🧐

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Scottish google search -“What is the weather for West Scotland this week?”

Google result- “aye its pure shite , pishing wi rain the rest oh the week and shite next week tae”.




Offering m&m’s for 75 cents per cardboard pack

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Can you believe cinemas have the nerve to charge 2 fucking quid for a pack of aero mint bubbles?

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2 fucking what

hol up lemme find a converter…
Yall are ahead of us with the currency now XD cos £2 is $2.12 lmfao
This great depression hit different


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Did you know

Secks feels good

It does.

Open up pornhub and the popups say ‘Braw Lasses in Yer Toon Lookin’ fer a Wee Bit O’ Shooglie’ XD
Meanwhile in england, ‘Fine young madames located in your townstead are after a decent amount of rumpy-pumpy. By jove, she really should put some clothes on, what would her mother think?

In kent it just says ‘your sister is now online’ lmfao


Np 😘

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@Fire lives on here