Why you hate last movie?

I do not understand this hatred of the last movie. It seems to me that people are not ready to come to terms with the fact that today a stupid, senseless and illogical action movie is of no interest to anyone. Films of those years weren’t really set out to explain something, they just showed it and that’s all. The first predator is just an action movie from the 80s, it makes no sense, where everyone is just cool and strong, sweaty, and brutal commandos. In last two films, screenwriters tried to make more sense, talk more about aliens, and so on their motivation and goals. And if the 2010 film still retained the spirit of hunting and not got the same hate, then the last one saved nothing about the hunt, but the hunt is the main sense of predator movies. Last movie trying to create lore.( so maybe you just missing the hunting in the last movie?) Comics isn’t a canon. The same thing happened with the last Alien. Yes, stupid and illogical, like previous films, but they try to make the universe out of it, with its lore and biblical stuff, this is obvious. I don’t understand how you can blame films for trying to become more logical (despite additional new scenario holes and errors) or do you just want it to be like before? Just a predator hunting for prey? How many times will you be ready to watch the same thing, only in different scenery? this is stupid. I mostly like the way they did in last movie, maybe it could be more logical (but rly, these are films about a predator), but in general, i like it when someone trying to create lore. i just not like final where they are ready to hunt predators, this is destroying a sense of superiority over humanity, although all this can be very interesting, but transforms to another startrack or star wars. and it reminds me of hatred for new star wars, for which, suddenly, demands to be more than just a fairy tale, of which they always were

The Predator attempted to change the lore to the point of changing what the Predators were about. It would have been cool or nice to have a small clan practice genetic modification and other stuff, but this movie presented it as if it were the reason why Predators hunted us in the first place. Plus just general storyline; unlikable characters and a hasty reshoot that pretty much killed the third act, that’s why The Predator is so universally hated.


Cause it was a terrible film. Awful screenplay with cringe lines and shells of “characters” being killed off by a “make it bigger so it’s new and cool” villain. While also slaughtering and retconning what made predator good. They were no longer hunters instead warriors who kill to upgrade themselves, which is not what fans signed up for


which lore it changes? there is only lore which they are shown in 2010. No lore in 1-2 films

nothing stop you to hunt with proud even for modification. No one said they could not use this tradition in scientific purposes. in the end, everything was just that, they just added genetics, why were predators looking for the most powerful prey? to learn how to be better. This is tradition and genetic is just modern stuff

They were taking spines cause of the DNA. They say it in the movie. So they changed the lore of why they take trophies. So the lore and plot was just super stupid, but also the movie was poorly made. Like it’s cringe at best. And also just plot holes galore


Its no logic in that movie a highly edvanced species looking for worth genes on earth…
Compare predator tech with human tech and you’ll see there is no need of our genes for them
The reason why they hunt are more religious they gain no advance on us thats the case.
That giant predator seems to be a massive accident too there are so many sonsenses and it contradicts with the last predator movies …

Who said why they take trophies before? If i remeber right it was only assumptions of people in movies. No facts, only assumption. people can make a wrong conclusions in life, and therefore in films / games. And all this does not prevent the predator from use it as a hunting trophy.

There is an entire comic book series. That is cannon lore. They even went after the predalien because it was a genetic abomination they would not do genetically alter themselves

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technologies are not reflected in the genes of species. Its no matter and not stop genetics to trying to find something in strongest species representatives. Pretty logical. Who know, how they uses this genetic information and how to transform it. they should explain it more detail because it is interesting. They said predators need it for colonisation? (Bruh, boring) like in ME andromeda, where Kets used same way. I preffer something, like mystery space dangerous which they are preparing to confront in this way

It’s been stated like numerous numerous times dude

Comics is just stuff for money, no canonical, like AVP crossover. the fact that the authors were allowed to use these characters and intellectual property does not make the comics canonical. Filmmakers do not need these problems with the someone once wrote a licensed story, it will be like star wars

Autors can say everything they want. Until it not shown in movie or another officially confirmed work, this does not exist. In not remeber 100% proof of it in movies

Also predator 2 the door opens to a trophy room the skills of alien life forms everywhere

The problem with that is that Alien, Predator and AvP, are Alien, Predator; and AvP. They’re not Star Wars with two whole ass Canons with Disney and Legends.

Bit forget about lot of books, comics, etc in star wars legends which never was a canon, just exist and fans thought its a canon. and how much was done without a license. because I just emphasize that this is not a canon, mass effect books is canon, dragon age books is canon and sometimes it made by autors

in general, often in such cases it is not specified whether it is a canon or not, because it is convenient. authors can always use it for their own purposes and future projects. The appearance of the vastness of the universe is created. And at any moment they can say that this is not a canon and this was not. conveniently. So when they get rid of it, it doesn’t mean that they change the lore

Dude everyone just hated the movie. I think a better question is why are you trying so hard to defend the pos

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I haven’t even watched the last movie but I completely understand why it is and deserves to be hated

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argumentum ad populum. Because i not like just hate, because today it ruins lot of good stuff, sometimes unjustified or excessive hatred. That’s what it is and it is wrong. criticism and hate are two different things. For example, because of this hate, we will not see a predator on the cinema in the near future, despite the fact that the film itself was neither better or worse than the entire series of films stupid and not logical. just stupidity and irrationality today differs from this in the 80s :D