Wishlist for Next Update

11FT Mutated MF and Predator Killing Suit from 2018 Predator Movie as a Dlc

( Small City Map )
it will be Fun Fighting in the Building and Streets and reaching the Roof of the Building for the Choppa through stairs or Elevators

87-Fireteam Dlc




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No. Balancing the game SHOULD BE THE NEXT UPDATE


I wouldn’t say no to a good game mode too. And bug fixes. REAL bug fixes


If i was 12 years old i’d probably also suggest the predator killer suit…



I f I was a fucking edge lord who probably cuts himself for attention, I’d say NO for predator killer

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That got real dark real fast

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Yeah fighting the controls and camera while getting bodyblocked in doorways sounds like great fun

I sure love fighting in buildings its just the greatest thing ever

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Que equilibren el juego y metan un DLC de tracker o scar

Crackmas update when?

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You know that’s not gonna happen

wow…like i couldn’t even imagine…why for…why not import Farcry maps…for the fuck of it?

there are already buildings and stairs and some kind of streets in the maps. why does it need to be anywhere else but the jungle? Why not Uzbekistan? throw in Louisiana. and Calgary. while were at it toss in Taiwan.
But hey, why nota city of some place. hmm…Siberia? Why not the Simpsons city ofSpringfeld? that would make all the sense in the world because the storyreally really really makes sense in Springfield because MassImpact is playing the game.


a map with fog with most parts have dead trees and predators moves more on the ground then in the tree’s like this

It will be fun to Fight in the Buildings , the Roofs and Streets and who knows ugly MF will came across Little Old Lady , instead of Barrels cars can be Exploded with Predators laser or Fireteams Assault Rifles , Exfil Location for the Choppa on the Roof will be Fun

  • the Predator Killing Suit and 11ft Mutated MF must be included in Clash mode

You new people are hilarious lol.

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None of this will happen. Ever.