Worst gaming develop team i've ever seen.

i addressing my personal opinion as client directly to @IllFonic developrs team.

Might you’re a small company, and budget and anything else, etc…the job that you do is awful, 3 out of 10 ( why not 0 out of 10… because at least game with predator and dutch exists)

I’m your client since the beginning, jungle hunter owner. And since then you made a buggy game and keep doing NOTHING on fixing it. Game freezes, crashes, movement bugs, pred weapon flys out of map, leap bugs players meet bug all over it playing as ft and pred. Patch after patch we receive bugs, bugs and bugs.

Might someone tell me that check the patch notes it there, but if you’ll check all patch notes you’ll find that they fix bugs that they created in previous patch :D

I have one simple question:
Why don’t you fix all bugs the community reporting?

I apologize that my english is bad, trying to improve it.
And precisely for those english teachers from this forum I say in advance: keep silence if you have nothing to say accordingly this topic and f yself.


I just got all types of bugs in last game playing as pred. Combi flew away out of map, no sprint and i stuck in walk mode in second wind.

@IllFonic you know what, i dont need your answer anymore. I ended up with my final opinion that

@IllFonic company IS CRAP, nothing else to say.


Because it actually takes time and effort. Even Ubisoft and Behaviour can’t get passed this. So many communites complain about bugs. Does every game company suck at their jobs? Or is it much more likely that fixing bugs is harder than it seems?

The key is EFFORTS, there’s no even a step of efforts onward to bug fixing from devs.
Theres no hot-fixes at all.

They have cosmetics things in prority for increasing of sales of their product.

Fixing bugs seems like effort


Cosmetic team =/= Gameplay team. They are seperate. And the cosmetic team can not work on bugs period.

Fixing bugs might be an effort but when they fixing one bug and creating another i call it CRAPPY DEVS.

Hot fixes dont take a month, it takes two weeks max after patch.

Obviously cosmetics and gameplay two different branches. So if company working on their product they must implement both things.

Also do not mess up between REALITY and NEGATIVITY. I said about the real things going on with this game. Blindly defending devs won’t help to fix gameplay bugs.

Tons of HUGE bugs aren’t fixed but we have new pred and new perks

Thats literally every game as a service. In fact DBD and siege has it worse in that department.

Heres the problem. These are standerd issues with most games as a services. Not in any way to do with the devs. So calling out the devs for something that every game as a service suffers from is inaccurate and unfair. Its not unfair to say the games suffers from these issues. But unfair to say its the devs fault or the game is inherently bad because of it. I may be an illfonic defender but I’m not an Ilffonic fanboy.

While people keep complaining I’ll keep enjoying and having fun with this game Lmao😂😂

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I’m with you in the exact same spot bro… lost any hope, simply don’t care anymore

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I think the same. The absurd indifference they have is insane. They never reply to us and they do the opposite of what we told them. We all said nerf damage and they buffed it.

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Yup… can’t fucking wait to run in to you and your granade launcher XDDDD

Did you see the photo I posted of the new explosion perk? Ome Gremade take almost half hp of the Predator. It’s stupid. They brake the game even more and now fireteam is beyond broken. They haven’t listened even one of all the points I mentioned. They cant do a simple thing that is listen to the community. This game could be so good if not for their attitude and indifference.


That is exactly what it is - attitude. They started off good with this title, but now are going down the hill - completly ignoring ANY advice given to them by the ppl that play this game every single day

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Exactly, if not for the Predator IP this game would never have sold.


sad but true
without Predator lore and Arnie this gaem is way below avrage


They could improve the game more and more but they decided to make it worse patch over patch. All the feedbacks we gave to them, they have done the opposite.

I have noticed that with the last patch. Every one was screaming for a pred coop against a large FT… we got FT vs FT clone of CS… Although Courier and OldKingHmalet are not passing on what ppl are saying on forums, or simply Illfonic is ignoring it for some reason and gose with safe option - we put in this game whatever is popular in gameing industry right now…

Man, Predator is unplayable now. You get the run bug , you cant run anymore and you are fucked up.

Regardless of listening to people’s advice or not, let’s call it how it is, anything they have done has been a mess. It’s not advice to fix bugs, they are reports not opinions (which some people seem to think the bugs are). Gameplay = a mess, new gamemode = a mess with framerates. I would say the only thing they have done efficiently is the cosmetic skins (they aren’t dlc)but that wouldn’t be accurate because they cause more bugs. They are bleeding a fan base of money and using our nostalgia to bait us

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And as for the small development team excuse, if they were never capable of doing their job to the standard expected, then why the hell were they given this title?

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You’ve got me there… each time I was reporting a bug to them it was in form of “please don’t be offended, but this probablly should be fixed…”


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