Y'all are lucky as hell that the bow is broken

All you fireteam field medic abusing clowns are lucky that the bow is broken. Just wait until the bow gets fixed, y’all are going to get demolished.


Field Medic Above, Predator Below.


Get …gud.

No, you get good. If you need field medic to win then you’re just trash at the game.


You’re trash. LMFAO. Don’t play them. KNow thy enemy! Thats what gud is!
Stop complaining and posting your trash on the forums! Its fustration that WE DONT NEED!

Figure out how not to die!

Illfonic is trash for adding such a broken mechanic to the game.


It’s not like Katana’s even bleed through parries lol.

YOu must be those FT folks who loadin with nothing but a pistol and minifun!

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Really? That sucks, I thought it did.

But god bless you, mith, its you people that make it fun for us to play! Its not about winning, its how you die horribly~!

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I don’t know how you don’t see anything wrong with field medic. Keep dickriding Illfonic, the game is just going to keep going downhill.

Illfonic must be paying people to not understand this game then have those people tell other people who aren’t rattled by it, that they dick suck them. @Fire

(@Fire logging out…logging back in…as Mith. You’re getting real caught up in these shinanigans.)

You’re the one getting paid by Illfonic my guy. I don’t know why you keep defending them. It’s whatever though, I don’t feel like getting into a toxic argument right now. Just needed a place to vent.

And you dont think thats being toxic in itself,huh?

And you about to tell me I’m trolling a toxic thread, because thats bad?

How is that being toxic? This is the bug reports section. This post is to inform Illfonic how frustrated me and other people are that the bow is broken. On top of that, we have to deal with broken ass field medics.

Hello fellow DBD player.

How goes the policing?

I don’t play dead by daylight, what policing?

Wait, why’d you mention the katana?

You could always use decoys to spread their lines to take out the medic but if they are all medics use the A.I to suppress them and then when they are all down claim them