Yautja RP. a D&D style game

Game is being restarted. looking for players
Yautja based.

Chap. 1: New Blood
Location: Kehrite training school

Kaashnik looks down at the room of fresh Young Bloods. Looking to make his clan Kaashnik looks to spot only the best & well trained.

But then the sun explodes and kills them all.

The end. Happy ending.


Now see… had you knowen the lore of Yautja Prime you would know that there are TWO suns… you idiot…

Yautja Prime orbits binary stars…


Plus a little solar ray ain’t gonna do much to a Yautja, they live on a planet that Humans can’t survive on due to its extreme heat and the extreme radiation.

Exactly… they may have a hard time if they lost one star but completely die out… never…


Plus they can always just move, Yautjas live throughout the galaxy

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Sub zero temps for a Yautja is 50 degrees fahrenheit… they can only last a day at most. part of why they pick to hunt on Earth where it is hot as hell at a given time.
Yautjas are adaptive hunters… the heat nets they wear help keep them warm let alone cloaked.

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apparently Wolf’s right arm maintains a stable temperature no matter what


Since I’m the best I wipe out every predator and use my powers of stupidity and idiocy to detonate the planet for the remaining Yautja on hunts they heed to my instruction like the rest and call me the best then I kill them the end ps: ik im the best you guys don’t have to tell me everyday

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you fool, @Fire is the best

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Little did you know @Fire Is my best friend

Using stupidity is the only thing you are best at…
So glad you made it your super power because everyone with this power gets the honorable sacrifice event and are killed to save the race…

So they can survive an exploding sun?
Cant survive a tree falling on them but you expect me to believe they can survive an exploding sun?


An instantaneous explosion btw.
No warning.

No no no I am pretty cool

The Romulans did it… why cant Yautja???
You forget the fact that both Romulans and Yautja are scattered threw out space.
Romulans had a warning of the Hobus Star super nova event, yet did nothing in time to save the home worlds.

As for Yautja Prime… no such even has taken place… stop meta gaming…

Kaashnik’s eyes fall an a paticular Yautja (@NomadClan) Maybe this one Kaashnik thinks.


no warning whatsoever.

You salty cause you cant accept they all died.
The ones on planet.

a star does not just explode spontaneously… Be real…
Plus with all the tech the Yautja have… they would have ways to detect such an event about to happen…