Yautja RP. a D&D style game

your just being your bitch ass self and swinging your shit covered dick in my face… Sorry to say but I dont like it like Monsoon does.

Jesus fucking christ.
Look man, the only one being a bitch is you.

Wah, you cant mess with my RP WAAAAH STOP IT!!
like fucks sake, develop a personality and a sense of humor and just make a joke or two.

Like no need to get so defensive.

And my shit covered dick huh?
Well it’s not my fault your mom couldn’t handle anal even tho she wanted it.

Lmao seriously tho, calm your bitch ass down it ain’t that serious.

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Well Im sorry I aint from the south and that I dont like Big Banana Fudgsicles…
I was told those things are for the monkeys and apes in the zoos…

Im just trying to play a nice RP game and you got to come in with you bitch tits an act like Madonna or Marline Marrow… and fuck everything up.

I added a tragic back story.
And I never offered you any food.


You expect me to use that bullshit?!!?

All I’m hearing Is your not talented enough to make it work.

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@TheSenate, I believe your small-moon-sized high-school science project might disagree with this.

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I dont let ass hats play my games… so… Yeah, you’ll never know

Jesus christ get the fuck over yourself and stop being so sensitive.
You like to joke around.

I thought you got over that?
And I dont want to do a pred rp.
Sounds too limited so it feels like it would be boring.

Keyword, feels.

Seriously, it ain’t that big a deal.

Look man, if I talk shit to you, know that its not to be taken serious.
Just crack a joke back or go along with it even for a sec or two.

Have fun man.

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limits have to be made its actually what keeps the game from going into a shit show…
I do like to joke around… I also like fighting with people…

And then other times I just want to get down to serious brass business…
Like trying to find players for this fucking game…

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I would honestly try a rp discord.
Or a place with pred fans aside from here.

Willing to try it aye??
Actually seriously play…

No sorry, I mean that you should try a rp server on discord.

I used to RP not anymore tho.

But mine were combat focused.

This RP is on Discord…

No buddy, sorry man, what I mean is you should try to look for people in other rp servers.
Or other sites that have pred fans.

I’m not a big enough pred fan for pred rp.

been there… am there

Got ya.
I cant think of anywhere else.

It’s a DnD set up right?

text based, yeah
players have sheets

That should be easier to get ppl.
Ppl have a easier time with structure lmao