You're a bitch bro, you're a bitch

You’re a Bitch, bro


Just post the vid here

dunno what happens with twitch but if I paste the link for the player it displays an error, see


Just had a game against a PS predator with 3 PS guys. The PS predator actually could aim and shoot plasma and arrows, I think he put 3 - 4 arrows in me in that game (quite impressive for a PS predator with the bow, usually they can’t hit me at all). Anyway. All 3 of my guys died, had to reinforce them back, then we finished missions and got to evac. Guess what, I said GG and the predator started accusing me of cheating because we finished the game to fast. Then he started telling me he was going to take it on the next guys he meets and I was like, ok…

We had the mission with the trainwreck wher you have to dig in those small piles, then kill those few guys close to the trainwreck and then do a few more things in a base on the other end of the map. Not the longest missions but I had to run across map to reinforce.

PS. Yes, Jelou, those damn pigs, its ridiculous how many can spawn. I once had 13 of them.

Lol I see

Dam guy was doing great at dodging. 👏👏

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Jelou was missing on purpose. Of this I can assure you. He was playing with his food.

Meh. Maybe
I still see some quality dodging.
Wheres the o.w.l.f bat to hit back plasma shots. Rofl

dude you can literally see me shooting the floor…

Meh. Maybe or maybe not who can truly say

The way i play is friendly predator makes it fun and see there reactions when the predator is helping, hilarious. That way we all can have a good time.

P.s. unless I hear a child then I tell the ft you sacrifice the child to me the rest can go collect money and exp. Rofl



@Durbs2001 I think I played you last night as pred (I was the pred). Ggs

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Durbs, I played against you yesterday. I was the Pred. My name was Acertango. You are a good FT bro!

My memory is shit I can’t remember names so I’ll just say GG

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Yeah I kinda remember that one I was running solo and the randoms we’re having a stroke

Yeah…they were making some questionable choices