You're a bitch bro, you're a bitch

Thanks, the only reason that I know you is from BrokenTusk’s stream. Your a damn good pred too


I am?
I’ve always seen myself as average

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Lmao why you gotta play with your food, but that guy seemed like he was making weird choices anyway.

Still abusing macros or have you finally figured out that using them is cheating?

For those who didn’t see Jelou cheating, here is video.

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I will do anything that will get you out of a lobby, scrub

So the player who called you bitch was right, still cheating. What a great person you are Jelou confirming it for all of us!

Bump firing isn’t cheating. It’s a choice.

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dude, didn’t you know? Right click left click is impossible. It has to be a macro. That is impossible to be done by a human…

Fair, honestly, you are pathetic. Just admit you suck as a pred and stop being a spoiled child. I have no problems accepting I suck as a pred and that I ain’t that good as FT. Why do you have to call everyone who’s better than you a cheater?

Macro or no macro, I still eat preds for breakfast even with basic noob loadouts

And obviously you didn’t even played the video I posted and you are talking shit without even watching, because in that video I ain’t playing FT.

But if you know of any working Pred macros, please share, so I can abuse them.

Bud, macros are not cheating, I personally don’t have any since I have nothing that would help me in THIS game but they are PC STANDARD! Gaming KB and mouse come with dedicated buttons and software for this shit. Its as ridiculous as complaining that some guy has headsets and you’re stuck with TV speakers. Yes, like the headset, they provide a bonus, THAT’S THE POINT! Oh and I tried replicating by just smashing the mouse the pistol shooting, sure as hell could do it. They just provide a more easy way of doing it and its more consistent.

I remember some days back some guy called me a cheater for finishing the missions to fast, its like people are running out of things to complain.

Dude turbo mode is cheating.
If it wasnt, it would be a standard option on every controller or control scheme.

Idk why it’s so hard to accept that.

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“Cheating” has little if any intrinsic meaning, it only makes sense if some authority defines it. In the absence of any official verdict, the only authority that remains is you yourself.


I have no clue what turbo mode is, only have a PS for a few games that I really want and are exclusives. Is it made by SONY as equipment for the PS4? If so, its definitely not cheating.
For PC players, macros are like if sonny put a new button on the controller that did X.

This has alot of good sense behind it, I think I shall write down this words of wisdom. I applaud you sir. 👏👏

It depends on the context.
Doesnt matter how pretty you try to word it,
Something like turbo is cheating.

It’s not a standard option.
No game is created with it in mind, or for it.

So since that was never intended to be a thing at all, its cheating.

Cause by your definition Fantasma hiding under the map is perfectly fine and ok.

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There is some joke games that are like that, kinda games like “dlc quest” fun game really. Lol

Xan how old are you?
If you’re younger your answer will make sense, but if you’re not then you might as well be trolling.

Turbo is an option on some controllers back in the day, usually an off brand controller, not official, that would have this option where if you turned it on, the then when you held a button down it would infinitely do that input as fast as the game would allow it.

Stuff like this is cheating.

Customizing your controls really ain’t, so macros for custom controls and I guess some shortcuts aint really a problem.

I saw a bit of that game.
It looked pretty funny.

I am 36. Not trolling you at all. Perhaps those where not everywhere? I am from Easter Europe, Romania. I seriously don’t remember having that on my controller, that said in my country very few people even had those consoles back in the day. I remember many of us where gathering around 1 guy that had a console and we would take turns playing Mario.
If you are from the western world, trust me, this things where not big everywhere, more so in a country that by the western worlds standards was pretty poor and we’ve just came out of communism after 1989.

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what fantasma does is exploiting a bug in the game. Exploiting, IMO, is not cheating. As bad as I may frown upon it, it is as cheating as using Sheeva in MK, or more over, going into a match with 4 supports + field medic + gear head + ammo bags + medkits ;)

On the turbo controller thing, they are usually banned from tournaments because the entity defines it as cheating. But people need to understand PHG is not a tournament. It is a casual game, and using macros, turbo controllers, built in crosshairs, etc. is no more cheating than using third party communication. Anything that provides an advantage to the player may be considered “unfair” by those not able or not willing to do it.

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