5/29 Digital Deluxe Edition Double EXP

Thanks to everyone who purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition for Predator: Hunting Grounds!
To show our appreciation, we will be releasing a 24 hour Double XP Bonus for everyone with access to the Digital Deluxe Edition.
To activate your Double XP bonus:

  • Launch Predator: Hunting Grounds using your Digital Deluxe Edition account
  • Navigate to the Main Menu
  • Hold the button as instructed by the 2X XP prompt
  • Enjoy!


And if we are already level 100 do we get double Vertanium or anything? Appreciate it though


the XP applies to weapons as well, pretty sure.
you can be lvl 100 but you can still use it to level up weapons fast.

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So don’t judge me but I have every weapon Lvl 100


Yeah I appreciate it but I hit 100 almost 2 weeks ago. Does it apply to anything else?

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Pls give us a money x2 bonus… Not xp 😔😂😂😂😂 we are all lvl 100!!!


So if I never used the first one, should I see 2 now?


I love you illfonic … But please avoid giving experience bonuses to those who least need it … given that those who have the deluxe edition are necessarily level 100 since he plays all from the start …

So please give us Cash bonuses or in the future unlock us for free dlc in advance … Because we paid the game 60 euros / dollars… 😁Be inteligent


Yeah…well I just finished my 25headshots for my 5000 but I got 24hour exp bonus instead

And I’m already at 100…
This added to the 20mins I have to wait for to play fireteam is ruining the game tbh😢

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That is so nice of you guys! Thanks! However, marking of cloaked predators needs to go. Period


Nope…without it is like how else would you signal your team to his location (i’m assuming you’d have to play as FT to know this).


I’m not saying remove spotting, that is actually a very good mechanic and I use it all the time (however my team usually ignores me XD), I’m saying remove marking of invisible pred - with spam spotting it renders preds stealth usles and braekes the game


Appreciate the thought but what good dose that do the people who rode it out and grinded to 100 how about 100 boxes or a currency doubler.


This is actually very nice to hear.
Although those whom had bought the Deluxe Edition and are level 100 already should receive 10k veritanium or something like that.
My opinion.


Incredible feedback and listening to your fans!

Thank you IllFonic. @Courier

For individuals like myself, have hit max level across the board of leveling up and weapons.

Is there any way this could be tweaked to either boosting earned veritianum by 1.5x? Maybe have a reduced COSMETIC cost when purchasing them for 24hrs for people over level 100?

Again love seeing the responses and love seeing the feedback.

Will continue to support and give my criticism as properly as possible :)

Ps this would have been a sweet way to introduce a form of prestige system and give everyone across the board usage of this exp. (Critique)



Appreciated sure, but your dedicated players are already lvl 100 and have been for weeks. Not really anything in it for them so thanks for nothing :) maybe add some actual prestige and post 100 unlocks?

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Thanks but I’m good on the exp. Increase the level cap maybe then I can use it other than that harder challenges please I’m clearing them within less than a day.

the same way they did in the movies, they just didnt.

I figured y’all would deliver on this, still happy to see it! Keep it up!

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Hey…cool…how about fixing that cross platform invite now that was promised but never delivered on.