A painful goodbye to the game we've been waiting so long for

Why is the game so broken, and yet, so undoubtedly… Easy for the Fireteam?

I mean, the leaping is broken still for Pred, the bow hitboxes are still broken, the net gun httboxes are… Oh boy, if I had a penny for each time a player should have been netted, and I’ve recorded evidence of the broken hitboxes, but does Illfonic listen? Fuck no. I’ve showed them their flaws on multiple occasions and I either get no response, or a weak “It’s only fair for the Fireteam”. Like c’mon, grow up, guys. A good step towards adulthood is admitting your faults and learning from them. I’m really good at the game, hell, I give PC premades a run for their money, and even then, I still sometimes win. But that’s just it, if you get a premade FT, one of three things WILL happen.

One, the FT inevitably runs the Predator down with their massive stamina pool and outrageous dps. Of course, absolutely awesome on them for having the teamwork and drive to work with each other. Two, the Predator and Fireteam will keep taking shots at each other to no avail, since they both must take time to recover from their bloody encounters. This will repeat until the timer runs down, in which case, the Predator wins by default, but that’s besides the point. Three, the Predator, through sweat, determination, and a hell of a lot of luck, wins. Luck or skill, whatever it is, they have it in spades. Yes, I just quoted the best AVP game we’ve had so far.

With this all said, I think I might just quit until Illfonic pulls their head out of the dirt and fixes their game. I’ve been watching the game descend futher and further into the shitshow it currently is. And it’s only getting worse! This isn’t the Predator game I bought and hyped up SO darn much. This is some horrible amalgamation of cat and mouse on a larger scale and with deadly weapons. I’m sorry guys, I love Predator, I love games, but this is just not the game we wanted…

Illfonic, it’s high time to put on the big boy pants and make your game what it was supposed to be all along.


May be next week illfonic will tell us keep buff FT
I play this game from awful version 1.0 to 2.03
But the balance is return to awful version 1.0
So funny

Gotta take in to account that FT get shredded by AI now, like they super hurt now.


The game is fine for me , y’all people are so childish and salty LOL…I’ll keep having fun 😎👍🏻


I’m more than happy to take you on. I’ll show you how unfun your little pride box can be when you face a Pred who knows what he’s doing


I already know and I would just say GG bc I’m a true player , and yes it could be intense but that’s the fun of it…it’s just a game lol

Plus I’m really good at FT so it’s hard to beat me

Anyway this is a useless thread soo yeah , I’m out !😂image


Ulesss as your answer man. Let’s people leave instead of being sassy with them thank you.


There is some truth in it. I am quite new to the game (PS4) and so I first thought its me.

I discarded many things connected with the predator. First the long jumping. If I want to flee, the jump often does not work - which is awkward if you are under fire. I have tried this out in private match mode in detail and it is neither a timeout nor something I am doing wrong (at least nothing obvious).

Said netgun for me is quite alike - though I have to admit, that I did not test it the same way - I just discarded it soon after first use…

After all that discarding in the end I discarded playing the predator. In the fireteam there are not as many unnerving “bugs” - or what one should call them. So I now just go with the fireteam - which is fun.

I do love the game in spite of all that bugs and crashes - as its idea and general gameplay is great and the implementation has a great depth.

Balancing might be a matter of taste - for me it is fine mainly; in the last matches I played, statistically the pred and the ft were quite even.

But one has to mention, that I already several times were near to quit playing. Learning the game is not easy - in particular due to the missing infos in the tutorial.

Did e.g. everybody already find out, that mudding does not work reliable, if you do not look quite vertical onto the ground? Has anybody an explanation how to SEE whether you have mud under your feet? Mudding just works, if you are not already mudded and you see the state of mudding at your arms. All that infos, you need to mudd up, is not available in the tutorial.

For me that is fine now, I already worked through most of these hurdles. But some people might be deterred by these difficulties. The recent crashing series did not make anything better here.

So I definitely support the advice to “grow up” in direction of Illfonic. From my POV it would be clever to stop improving/extending things, which already work without bugs, now and instead priorize cleaning up things, which do not work bugless, yet. Sometime less is more - so to say…

Nonetheless: keep on Illfonic, I did not stop loving your Predator Hunting Grounds yet… Its general idea and depth is to great to give up early :)

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lol @ppl still bonking their predlocks into objects while leaping and then saying the game is broken

The long jump sometimes does not START at all - without any barrier in front. If you then move some meters forward and try it again, the long jump works again. No obvious reason for that behaviour – if you have an explanation for that, please be so kind to explain it - to someone who is not stupid at all.


You new to the internet?

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I think there are a number of conditions that can factor in. Terrain being first: uneven ground (specifically leaping uphill) can cause the pred to leap only technically. As the tips of his toes touch the ground and stops the leap short.

The second: stamina use can be an issue as the transition from sprint to leap seems a little rough.

Last is something you cant really do anything about unfortunately: that is the connectivity related teleporting.

When characters start displacing due to a bad connection, sometimes the game cancel leaps outright, or position the pred in a way that terrain again becomes an issue.

So although it kind of stinks, there are little things to avoid for reasons 1 & 2


Thanks for the comprehensive explanation! I will try it out again occasionally in detail - taking that knowledge into account and come back to you with the result - if appreciated (my memory says: nothing mentioned was the case - but I admittedly did not have the focus on some points mentioned).


@lcollectpreds: If you want, have a look at the comment of “Arrow_calis” in this thread:

He seems to have had the same “jumping problem”, right? And an interesting explanation, why…

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This i have been playing since the BETA and feel like we have come full circle in terms of balance where the FT is seriously overpowered with their weapon DPS, but even that wouldnt bother because as a good Predator player i can adapt, but as mention the Arrow hitboxes are shit, MELEE as pred main has become super glitchy (video proof incoming) like just fix the bugs

maybe get good? I see preds able to destroy Fire teams easily, it’s always Bad Pred players who make stupid mistakes complain and moan.

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ft is in no way overpowered, I don;t know why Bad pred players think that.

Not true. I know excellent Predators who confirm the bugs. Whether they disturb you or not does not (only) depend on whether you are good or not, it in particular depends on the style you are playing. If you e.g. do not like the bow and consequently do not use it, you will obviously not complain about errors related to the bow - and so on and on…

May be true. At least in my statistics (just as fireteam - I am still a too bad predator) its quite even. And maybe the predator SHOULD be a little bit harder to play too?