After Rewatching The Predator!

So I understand the hate for this movie! But there are some great ideas on the movie!

First being the disc shot from the gauntlet that Cuts the body in half. We are already part of the way there. Make them deal alot of damage maybe down a ft with one hit but since there didn’t seem to have any tracking qualities thats the trade off.

2nd Launch able wrist blade shot. Can be used to slow down the ft much like arrow shots!

3rd I know he gets alot of hate but the Assassin pred had a launch able snare line. So should have some sort of tracking but needs to be used somewhere that you can string the player up does not kill but needs to be shot off to free player!

And lastly, the Hunter needs some dogs

Also @IllFonic can we get some of those cheesy voice lines from the movie


I really hope they implement the Pred dogs at some point. Maybe a one per match use or something? A small wave of them surround the FT much like the A.I. Faster but weaker?

If they do they better be the ones from the 2010 movie though.


I completely forgot about the boomerang shurkien that the Fugitive used. That you needed a special catcher to catch back.

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I want autism kid as FT


We already have that in the game.


Lol. I understand that was a major Plot for the movie but Id rather not lol.

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You right




Nice one. Yeah that would be cool.

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I really don’t like the Pred dogs, they look so uninspired and dumb, Imagine if our dogs had human features ? It’s really stupid looking, Iggy from Jojo lookin’ ass.

What about the dogs from predators?

Like i said i just don’t like how they look, they’re really uninspired.

Fair enough

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The dogs from 2010 Predators were like hogs, with spikes on there back didn’t look anything like the 2018 The Predator dogs

I think he is confused

All the weapons and fugitive should be added

And project stargazer

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Never said they looked the same as the last movie, i just dislike how they look in both iterations.

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Really? Why is that?

Nah the fugitive is wack. He was so small