Allow Fireteam & Predator to see loadouts.

Allow Fireteam and Predator to view the opposing players loadouts pre-match

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I say no because then you’ll get scenarios with rock paper scissors where everyone is just swapping back and forth and back and forth

The only exception to this is when everyone waits till the end of the match startup to do a quick swap in which it’ll be a 50/50 mind game.

All for what? Seriously what advantage is there to do this?

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mostly so you don’t end up in situations where you say welp i lost in loadout select

cause i decided to do a dumb viking build against a squad of

Recon tracker with spotting perk who has sniper rifle
Field medic support with meta rifles and interaction speed+
Assault (any spec)
OWLF Sniper
they either blitz a mission in 3minutes or ignore it entirely and focus fire the predator the whole time
literally the sole purpose is so predator can look at fireteam and go

ah ok there tryharding so i’m going to run a try hard hunter/city hunter loadout

or oh ok there just a haphazard squad so i’ll run some meme shit

cause FT seeing pred loadout just tells them either
oh this predator is really good
or oh this predator is trash

cause i don’t believe someone would go
oh there predator has Ghost specialization so i’m going to swap to a loadout with ACIG grenades to prevent cloak

and even if it’s something like oh the predator is a melee zerker so i’m going to swap to anti melee loadouts at that swap the predator knows to just do a try hard loadout since the FT is clearly intending to counter swap whatever predator wants to run which all the good hunter/CH loadouts don’t have obvious counter loadouts it’s just run the good ft loadouts and hope for the best

WHAT’S EVEN BETTER is if it comes to this that means that “gee i wonder why no one is playing the heavy classes now? Guess we should buff them somehow so people play them since for some reason all the predators are just running hunter/CH.”

albeit i would be ok with the players can’t see each others perks/gear but everything else is visible
but we should be allowed to see each others stuff just so people don’t go

oh i lost at loadout select
cause this doesn’t affect FT at all unless they are under max level as there are 4 chances for them to have good loadouts
but predator only has 1 chance to pick the right one and not waste potentially 25mintues of his time (15ishminute match 10 minutes que to get in match)

Loadout loss already happens. Can’t count how many times I chose a build to experiment with only to be met with a death squad ignoring the mission and been totally unprepared.

yeah i know been there done that a few times

Just let the pred see if it’s a group, or groups of ppl.

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Whether on purpose or not we’ll get rock paper scissors gameplay at some point in the meta

Not to mention all your issues can be solved with SBMM, since your issues come from elites, which this game needs SBMM anyways. Especially since it solves more problems then just yours.

Also if your build is to meme then meme it.

If it’s an experimental build then facing an elite squad should tell you how good the build is.

No, we’ll see more heavy builds against bad players, who in turn will win more, and less heavy builds against good players, helping their win rate.

Also consider this

You have an assault-reckless with the QR-4, Grimtech, srynges, frags, and exp perk

A recon-amphibious with the ABR, shotty, and average perks

A Dutch with thick skin, heavy hitter, hammerhead, and SMG,

And then a Dante with the rocket launcher

Last second they swap to this

Now you just got baited into running a meme build against a death squad

Unless you also swap but you would of needed to do so ahead of time meaning the entire purpose of revealing loadouts Is pointless

Its cause kame would absolutely do the bait and switch.

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Ah so @KameofWar is a FT main

Nah hes hybrid.
Pretty good player too.

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I would say Predator can only see their loadout once they have been downed once and fully scanned.

Defenitely no!

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Ya but he’s a FT main by heart :p

I like the idea because now it would definitely help to plan the match up for both Pred and FT, but yeah you’re gonna have people swapping loadouts last second and stuff to screw with people.

Most definitely would rather see if people are grouped up or solo because that is the absolute first thing you need to know in match as pred and would definitely go a long way

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I don’t want to see specializations or classes.

Specializations seems more of a reasonable request to have hidden before and during game.

That was you don’t know what you’re up against???

I say we should all just play blindfolded like a true gamer and stop bitching.


Better not - gives both sides the elemnt of suprise. If you can see other’s side loadouts than you will try to adjust yours, then they will do the same then eventually everyone will quit the lobby XDDDD


and it looks like i solved this when i said if this happens too much people just will always run Hunter/City Hunter cause then you can’t get baited into bad classes lol and then heavies don’t get played anymore

because if good players start baiting good predator players just won’t play bad builds like they do now and hope they aren’t against a set of good players

it’s a system that fixes itself and worse case scenario literally nothing changes from where we are now besides dev’s start to wonder why some classes aren’t being played as much as they were before

and it’s worth mentioning this is true however unless it becomes a separate que this will never happen

Why not just do that now…

No because there’s still going to be heavies around who don’t care about death squads just like how there are heavies right now who don’t care about death squads.

The chance that you’ll run into one is still the same if they’re all hiding themselves under the guise of noobs.


Your putting this on yourself. You don’t need an arbitrary system just to stop you from holding back.

How does no difference equal a difference

Not to mention

If people are still running heavies now, they’re still going to run heavies after since you didn’t do anything that affects gameplay. Nothing. It a base state. Just because your incapable of running only meta stuff somehow without some arbitrary system doesn’t mean everyone else is going to react to it the same way.

because trying things to solve a problem is good even if it doesn’t solve the problem as you can always rollback or use the information gathered to try something else

same reason why 97% of MMO players simply run whatever is the best meta builds available
no one wants to run things that hinder their capabilities around others no one would purposely handicap themselves around players that they perceive as similar to them if they had the choice to do so

(which is to say that if the choice was in game for predators in a lobby to lower their hp and damage by up to 33% for no additional reward no one would choose to do this except for the literal best players that do nothing but play privates right now)

when balance between the hunters and everyone else is so wide no one would use the other classes unless they knew the players they were up against were of simaler skill to balance out the skill diffrence it’s why in MOBAS people only try absurdist comps at very low rankings

no one is running double mid in 2.2k elos (or plat for those that play League) or triple warlock for those that play WoW (and if you do i’m sorry for you)