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People talk bad about the game because the game is bad end of story bye bye

youre not helping dude. You’re avatar is your reality. I insist you drop dead by our miniguns.

Yeah. All I do is shit on this game cause it’s bad. Wanna talk about another game? I’ll be positive if you wanna talk about a good game. This game is not. Also you wanna try and troll someone’s intelligence, WHEN YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THAT CONSOLES AND THE BUGS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ONE ANOTHER

You can’t think hard enough to even craft a coherent sentence let alone make coherent a point.

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This is where the forums fails people. People use their avatars to insight conflict. And nobody will gives a fuck after this. Mic drop.


You have zero clue what your talking about so I’m not gonna even bother with explaining how consoles work to you

Mic drop? Dude what you just said was incoherent the only reason you should be dropping the mic is to spare our ears your mongoloid like sentences

I apoligize to Robo_2696 for a great discussion post, unfortunately i can’t do nothing about the dumb negative fucks on this forum.
They should literally fuck their own faces. But something tells me they are being paid to be dipshits,so i don’t see an end to their pipe shitting practices. Its like their 5$ an hour job located in south africa, thailand or brazil or something…Oh shit did i figure something out? QA’s being outsourced to some god forsaken 3rd world country? Sounds logical. No consumer who lives in the developed world who makes normal incomes to pay for something as PHG would complain, except those of the exception.

I get it!
Illfonic, i know where the industry has gone wrong. Mic drop.

Hmmm…you guys STFU all of a sudden. Guess you’re afraid of my ability to source out your IP addresses. ALL OF THEM.

Bro you are dumb as they cum my guy

This is not negativity it’s HONESTY. The game does not perform and is not balanced and has (this is opinion here) bad dlc. Play my team and we can show you why this is a dumb game

Also you keep saying mic drop in the same thread you claimed bugs are effected by which console you’re on. You CLEARLY have no clue how any of this works

Literally get on PS4 and we’ll play and we can talk in a party, about this game’s balance and bugs

Also hoss we are playing dbd that’s why we stopped answering for a moment lol. Yeah ok track me down hoss. See how that goes

I’m sorry guys! :( im just drunk. and i aint got nobody else!

Deadpool’s forum username is his gamertag add him, we’ll play and talk about the game

Actually add me dude “Disturbedllama69” we can talk about the game and play

If you have nothing better to do now, then join up

If feel like you all will gang bang me out of existence…so i’m going to decline this invite for the time being…till you all chill. And that will probably take some time.

We’re not angry, we’ll get into a match together and play privates.