Possible 3v12 Mode

When I was looking around in private matches on the new map I found out that there are 3 Predator skulls and 12 Fireteam skulls all near each other around the top of the map.
I’m speculating that this might be a hint towards a 3v12 mode that will be coming in the future


Nice Alpha


Maybe but maybe not… its good to hope for that game mode cause it will be dope… but ofc due to that we will need a much bigger and denser map than excavation… im thinking like 2x times bigger map than excavation and like 5x times denser natural life than excavation…

This will be a banger mode and there will be many people playing it even after a day or two.

Ofc if they stick to predators 2010 vibes lol


Very cool find. It very well might be… makes me wonder what the one with 4 Pred skulls represents?.


There probably wouldn’t be any AI soldier in the mode
Depending on how the new mode works the 12 human might be either all on the same side going strict against the Predators, or they could be separated and against each other and the Predators

But who knows what the devs are planning


Maybe something else down the line like a full team of Predator vs Predators
Who knows


My idea was


Each of them spawn in close to 2 members…

So lets say one guy lands at cordinate 50 other lands at 55

And then other group is sort of like 100 meters away from each other… and ur first objective is to seek explanation and then next is to find a way to get away from alien planet back to earth…

either way i think its gonna be fun to see people needing to group up and work together…

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The way i see it the map has to be like atleast 5km long in both directions…

I think right now excavation is what like 700-1000 meters?

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So literally Predators set up that would be nice, but it would require it’s own map locked to the mode


Unfortunantly yes…

It will be locked… But

Its not necessairly a bad thing or a good thing… it will be a good thing cause there will be returning players in the game mode…

Bad thing is people will be mad cause its not out there for use on all modes…

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Yeah the moment something as awesome as a new map being locked exclusively behind a new mode that can only be played on that map. People would randomly be up in flames for no reason

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I think 3 v 12 is to many ft members

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3 preds 3 fireteam squads

So essentially 3v4v4v4

AI would no longer be the distraction. It would be the “enemy” fire team. Think about how easy it is to swoop in as Pred in Clash because everyone’s fighting each other


Nice find 😃

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Or 2 FT squads


Then they would team up to eliminate the preds first and settle the beef among themselves 😁 I guess there are a few mode possibilities. Either 3 preds team up against 12 FT (all on same side) - which is what @YUPPERS assumed or three FT factions vs each other and 3 preds taking advantage (total chaos in my opinion; wouldn’t work). It could also be just an upgrade to Clash (where each FT has a Pred with them; that would kinda suck)

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Could these be initial test trials that were deemed failures?
maybe they were moved from the initial cave site to the upper levels so that they could be viewed differently?


Still feels like too many factions. Preds are kinda out of the loop. There probably won’t be a second wind or reinforce options tho. Will feel a bit like Clash unless they keep the damage number from the Hunt and lower FT on FT damage


Ooor… i will give u all the better idea.

AVP1 game mode

3 preds vs 12 fireteam members…

Each level ot pyramid has 4 fireteam members guarding the entrance while other 2 fireteam team of 4 are down there finishing the mission and activating the dungeon causing xeno queen to wake up etc…

Preds have to move in with stealth due to not having their plasma casters and find them and retrieve them back…

First fireteam is allowed to kill preds by any mean necessary… and cant get brought to life.

Then preds move to second level where they hunt in the other fireteam who is searching for clues how to get out of pyramid…

And then final fireteam mission objective is to get out before queen xeno is unchained…

Preds mission is to kill all threats and take what is theirs.