Tests were done on 10 meters distance , that is close range but not melee range.

Main class Assault + Bane + Deadly vs Hunter no Impenetrable:

  • GOSL-R = 25 bullets in the chest

  • AK-47 = 27 bullets in the chest

  • HAMMERHEAD = 26 bullets in the chest

From like 40 meters Gosl has better damage but HH has better firerate so HH is still better unless you shoot from very far away like 60 meters.


Assault + Bane + Deadly is ultra OP, Deadly need to be removed and the passive bullet damage need to be reduce to 3% something not that impactfull.
Hammerhead is the best assault rifle by far, it has better accuracy, firerate, hipfire accuracy, mobility and damage and range damage, reload speed and swap speed. I would say:

  • Tier S : Hammerhead
  • Tier A+ : GOSL-R (SCAR)
  • Tier A : AR-W (AK - 47)
  • Tier B+ : Mercenary (M16)
  • Tier B : G-ROW
  • Tier C : QR-4 and OWLF Pitbull

Predator needs:

  • combi stick damage reverted to the previous
  • more damage for bow or either more arrow speed for full charge
  • more damage for pistol
  • hitboxe fixed for crouched ft
  • bow bugs fixed
  • increase blind effect of combi throw and slow effect of Bow
  • impenetrable up to 20%

M16 is the best…quick reload, fast mobility, high damage…

I have killed many legendary preds with the M16 but I don’t want to mention names 🤐

Hammerhead + Deadly in action against high level Pred. As you can see Charles @OldKingHamlet once you get some experience in this game, it becomes impossibile to win a Pred. You need to help the Pred a but against good team. Give him a perk that only good Pred can abuse so it wont affect pubs because in pubs there both noob ft and pred players. Give us a perk like “after sprinting range shots deal 20/30% more damage and you have 20% additional damage reduction while sprinting”. That could help for the distinctive playstyle of High Level Pred players. Just dont buff melee and randoms would be fine. You need to do something for that Charles, the only way to help is damage reduction and damage boost. Because you need 10 shots to kill some one close to the Support but you need only 4 sniper shots to get melted. Of course new cloak didnt help. We need different things, we need to not get melted in 2 seconds and you all know about that. 🙂

Don’t forget that these things dont help either…

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I re-downloaded the game lol played 8 matches in matter of like 30 minutes…

literally had the deadly specialization + dmg perks and hammerhead and its literally worse now than it was before???

I want to know who’s the actual person behind the decision making votes to implement it in game or not…

Also the FPS got worse by like roughly -30fps than last time… so now its like 51-60fps drops from max 88 on like medium-high… before it was like min 74-88 fps and upto 102

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I dont know when you deleted the game, but fps got worse after 2.0 by a lot, then they re-improved it a bit after 2.08. And yes…game os horrible now, the worst state it has ever been.

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I love the hammerhead with 6x scope

hmm, I use the ak holo and extended mag with weapons training I find that works very well

Kwick Tip: I have found that with the new night map and buffs/debuffs, one build with predator is more or less guaranteed to wreck the fireteam (that is, if they haven’t all 100% completed the game). Basically, go Berserker with the Savage specialisation, Alpha sickle, (I suppose the disc would work fine too) and the impenetrable + ironside perks. This build works especially well at night, and I cannot count the times I have wiped out the entire fireteam within the first five minutes of the match.
It’s a little tougher angainst the insane damage buffs, but definitely doable. It does, however, require some modicum of skill (of which I have little. I honestly made it to lvl200 by just abusing the savage specialisation on berserker).

I just realised what I meant to say was the sickle AND disk…


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He was permabanned :(

What is the best assault rifle?

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Still a shame :/

Reconi Trackeri

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Deez nuts shoot really hard

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What weapon is this??

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Ass alt rifle