Sick of y'all whining

Official test of Impenetrable
Pred Hunter with Impenetrable and Iron back
Recon SAWZ + Bane + Sniper

  • 7 shots without mark in the chest
  • 5 shots with mark
  • 8 shots in the back while moving without mark

Deadly Assault + Bane HH is 32 bullets
44 in the back

T ime T o K ill - TTK
How long it takes to kill a player

Duh I knew that my bad

Lol ur clearly a noob

He is a noob lol

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Iron sides only works when the pred is moving tho and has to be to the back. Or is the definition wrong?

Should have been called cowardly dog

exactly , only if you are constantly moving, so we were testing by walking for 3/4 meters and than reset again for multiple times

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Also I’ve never played any of you guys that are talking right now and wasn’t posting this to any of you mainly to the new faces that just get on here to complain then leave. Honestly all that have showed up here I like all of you and read most of the stuff y’all all post on here.


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Definitely not a noob but I’m not a day 1 player I think I got out like a month after it was out cause I didn’t even know about the pre order for jungle hunter.

Well you dont know my psn cause it certainly dose not match up with my name. But if yours is ur psn then I have pluer a batman player and we destroyed him

We were all potatoes once.


The last time I was a potato was the beta lol

It’s batman but all the good ones were taken so I ended up with 13atman -1- lol. On the playstation it looks like a little lego batman face lol and it took me 2 hours just to get one that decent lmfao

We’re refined potato’s now, some of us are fries, others baked (drums), and others squashed.

It took ther underscores out for some reason there is a underscore before the first dash and after the second


@Thunder-Cats when you play against that batman guy with a lego profile xD please tell me the results.
When he has no balls to play against pc then it has to be a ps4 premade.