Attack on Titan for beginners

Lol. I hope there’s no time travel. I really don’t like the deus ex feature in general. It’s a sign of bad story telling

It’s confirmed in the manga I’m sorry…I spoiled to much also saw that Casshan anime and I kinda agree with the Black King at least he was trying to preserve the Earth which leads me back to Eren, there was no point of him turning evil but if he’s the Devil of all earth I’m sad 😢

That’s ok. Eren has a reason and a choice in acting this way. He defines himself, but history also defines him. History is written by the winners tho

What if…he was manipulated!

All watch it in a few hours cause I’m still at work

Ugh in short he’s explaining time paradox’s but it’s a waste I think it’s not updated but from what I summarized he says the earth Devil are Eren and Zeke and uses 2 different portraits from the anime, with one giving her something the other a light, to symbolize the choice Ymir makes and leading up to the creation of titans because of the future…🤯

Too convoluted for me, and I’m a huge fan of legacy of kain series 😁

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This is better and short

Also who’s fav Kain or the new guy

I’ll watch it shortly

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It’s a possibility. I have not read the manga so it’s all over my head. I think somewhere it was mentioned that attack titan can see into the future so that’s why the owl knew. I like this simple explanation more considering that ‘time’ has not been the subject of the anine.

If this is the case, the manga does not do a good job of explaining it which i don’t like.

Its interesting to have this depth, but it should be explained better

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Ya I hope it will in manga or maybe a side story or something

I think it had to have been there from the beginning. Really don’t like a deus ex machina introduction at the end. It’s like saying that everything up to that point was meaningless

No it’s not meaningless

I’ll check it out later

Lol it’s about the end if you don’t wanna spoil it for yourself dont

I’ll be fine. It still has to play itself out. I mean that i don’t the introduction of previously not mentioned element at the very end to save the day (deus ex machina).

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This gives me xenogears vibes.

I feel like the anime dies not capture the philosophy of life that is talked about in the video and introducing it now is not a good idea in my opinion. The anime is more about society at large and conflicts between groups of people.

Berholdt and past titans interfering from the other ‘realm’ is a reach for me.

Theres a lot here. I wonder how the anime will tie it all up with only a few episodes are left.

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Season 4 part 2

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I’ll watch it again to see if it’s satisfactory to my liking.

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I definitely did not watch this episode carefully. I missed the part where Ymir gave up the jaw titan and forgot about Zeke’s plan amd that marleyans were listening in.

Still there was nothing about prilosophy of life from the manga or about the other realm, though it was mentioned by the owl.

All i was saying to @ElderPreddy is that i don’t think that stuff has a place in the anime since it wasn’t explored well enough and bringing it up now would be quite a task since only a few episodes are left

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