Bio-Mask Removal Emote [POLL]

Bio-Mask Removal Poll

  • Yes! I want Bio-Mask removal emote.
  • No. I don’t want Bio-Mask removal emote.

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It would be awesome if the Predator had an emote which willingly removed they’re Bio-Mask. Especially in a last-stand scenario vs one remaining fire team member with all the disadvantages of removing the bio-mask similar to the last fight with Dutch in the first film.

This would be a way to show sportsmanship to worthy adversaries and look cool as hell with the exposed Predator face.

The bio-mask can already be destroyed from combat damage, so the hard part of facial animations are completed — it would just need to be bound to a key-stroke(s).


Absolutely agree wouldnt that be a game changer and maybe a cut sceen of it in action but also would love a map of the 87 movie with the waterfall in it that dutch fell down from and layout with the gorilla base lol but be able to jump down the waterfall also.


100% agree with this.

Today I had a match as Predator.

The last FT member, low on health, out of ammo, bloody and muddy. After watching me make a trophy out of his third and only other remaining team mate, did the coolest thing I have seen a FT member do in this game.

He did not run, he did not exit the match, he did not scream profanities into his mic.

He went out side, drew his knife, and challenged me.

I so wish I would have been able to remove my bio mask and give this guy the final showdown he so richly deserved.

Please make this a thing!


Gets my vote, sounds awesome as hell!!! Maybe give the Fireteam an emote too for the face off scenario “Come on!! Kill me!! I’m right here!!” like Arnie’s last stand. At the moment we just toggle crouch, like t-bagging, to give the Predator the nod.
But being able to remove the Pred mask is a definite must happen!


Arnold better have that as an emote for Dutch in-game lol

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Cool stuf!

Played against you last night I think, exact same username? PS4?? You were Hunter Predator, and you gave us a good spanking🤣 I was Party Chat so couldn’t say GG, but yeah…you played well, GG 💯


If Predator takes off his Bio Mask he could get Corona Virus

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Hell yeah

I agree with this. But also I’de like the Fireteam to call me " One Ugly Mthrfkr "


Haha, nice! Thanks for the retroactive GG.

Yeah my PSN is same name as forums.

I’m getting better as playing the Predator but still haven’t nailed down a favorite go-to strategy for class, gear, weapons and perks yet. I just keep experimenting.

I also enjoy watching BloodThirstyLord’s Predator videos, often he’ll do a video on a Predator build I’ve just created and been testing.

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Shifologist is a really good channel too, he’s been proving that the Elder Blade is actually more effective than the combistick lately.

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Yeah, I saw something about that. I was using Elder Sword recently and thought its swing was quick and had decent reach. Wonder Elder Sword can be used sooner than Combistick because it doesn’t have to telescope-out animation like a Combistick does.

I’ve yet to focus on playing Predator as the Predator, so wouldn’t be able to comment. But from what I’ve seen in Shifo’s vids, it’s quicker to implement.

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One detail missed from the ingame model is the two cables that pressurizes the helmet for the predator to breath. If they were to emote the mask coming off, there should be fundamentally the same existing cables or motions that show him doing pulling them out with the air pressure seen coming out.
I think it was one of the most intricate parts of the scene, too bad we are currently give the quick and dirty treatment of it popping offf his face.


Sadly when this happens I remember. Knifing is OP as fuck and I have a giant spear I can throw. So I generally wait for them to engage me. Jump up vertically, run a good 2-3 meters away. Watch this confused little bee trying to hug me, I throw my spear. I lick my vingers, I scatch his itch with my claws and relieve him of any future back-pains.

Honorable? Well, you don’t ask a monkey to swim, and neither do you expect a fish to climb a tree.

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Updated thread to include a poll, maybe if enough folks vote the metrics may garner attention from @Courier

Easy Yes. :D

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Yes, but provided all AI troops de-spawned, so preddy and FT member could engage uninterrupted

Last day to Vote for Bio-Mask Removal Emote!

@OldKingHamlet would love your thoughts on this idea — thanks much for your time!