changes I feel we need.

First off. More responsiveness and flexibility from the controls. Sometimes as ft I can’t do shit like finish an interaction, or get my knife out. Why does everything feel so delayed?

Same thing with pred. I should be able to switch weapons as I leap. And i feel weapon switches should be faster. Too many things feel unresponsive on both sides.

Next, but probably the most important one, first the love of all that is holy, change the guns to projectiles. Hit scan makes it too easy for ft. Way too easy.
This might not solve the balance issue entirely, but it would be a good start.

Another issue I’ve been running into lately, pred feels like they have no stamina at all. The elder pred, what his current stamina is, I feel is what hunter had before elder came out.
The fact that one leap takes so much stamina is ridiculous.

I can understand zerk not really having much left over after a leap, but lately my hunter feels like a damn zerk stamina wise. So except for scout and elder, I feel the other pred classes need more stamina.

And on the topic of stamina, I feel melee attacks should take so much stamina. Its already super easy to parry.
I really feel melee attacks as pred should take about 30% or 40% less stamina per swing. At least the ones that take a lot of stamina atm. Cause it feels like it takes way too much stamina to do 1 solid combo, compared to how easily ft can go from clip to clip.

I would also like a more advanced melee combat system for pred. With different swings, the ability to change your timing, sweeps, maybe a knock down and knock up. If we had more options I feel people would stop bitching about spam when ppl are simply trying to do a combo.

Cause so far, where in an arcade type vs mode right? So let’s embrace it fully then.

If not then let’s give the pred the ability to use more traps and gear, to focus more on ambushing.
Tho both sides are pretty limited, pred feels extremely limited.

Anyway my first 3 points are the main changes I feel we need, especially the guns being switched go projectile from hitscan.

@Courier if you could pass this too illfonic when they get back or whatever.


I think you need to readjust your perks…
I think your having issues optimizing the perks
adrenal boost is a must
the rest perks are situational…
adrenal, downrange are my top 2 choices, the thirst is whatever

I disagree. I shouldnt have to run an entire perk simply to feel like my stamina is adequate.

I’m not trying do like 10 combos in a row. I just dont want 1 leap to take all my stamina. Right now stamina feels extremely low, and I swear before elder came out, I wasnt having this problem.

Even @Thescoutpredmain brought up the fact that scout class stamina was hit in regards to leaps, like a silent nerf or ghost nerf, whatever the term is.
So I wouldnt be surprised if all classes got hit and they lowered their stamina.


Add a better thermal vission that scans probability of shots and analzyes shots in live time experience, also have the actual vision warn you of probable shots and indicates where the movement happened as we saw in almost all the movies as that Laser triangle crosshair follows and shows where its happening…

There needs to be a rework of actual predkour cause lets be honest people who say they are fine with actual predator movement and it does not feel wonky and boring are probably lying to them self for the most part cause they either DIDNT want franchises OR they either dont want more bugs and to relearn the mechanics…

IF YOU WERE TO ASK ME, I will tell you right now that what they have done to the predator is outrageous and they limited his existance… (Not talking about actual dmg and health) Im talking about actual movement and gameplay it offers, if you try to play stealth, all you can do is just shoot plasma and melee rush or just go for smart disk tactic which works, and trust me out if all people i tried to do melee rush, bow tactic, plasma tactic, plasma pistol feels so broken cause its actually better than a full charge plasma cannon and pistol lets you spam that high damage with unlimited ammo, i think if they are keeping unlimited ammo, they atleast need to have like a overload recharge cooldown on it, for like 5 seconds or more to recharge energy in it…

The predkour that is feels so limited with only being able to jump on branches and climb a tree to just be able to be on branch? really dude… Atleast make him be able to traverse entire tree to round it and hide behind it so he wont be spotted so easily… it would be dope and very immersive stealth experience…

He should be able to latch on branches to not fully drop , he should be able to climb on surfaces like if u hold space on a wall it climbs a wall instead him having to leap and waste all of his stamina…

In general the thermal vision needs more variations such as more vision designs in game made FOR FREE use, if they make it as paid DLC im quiting lmfao… like i came here to be able to customize my pred at will and not pay for customizations… im fine with certain classes being paid but not their actual visions and their mechanics…

There has to be a specific vision for FOOTSTEPS as it isolates whole terrain for only indicating footsteps that dont show anymore…

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Yeah, I agree about ppl not wanting more bugs. Cause i would love what you’re saying in regards to predkour, but I can add already see that wed get stuck constantly lmao.

Everything else sounds good too.

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Oh and i agree scan is just broken… its either too overpowered or too shit lmfao… it even is too shit to scan for pigs but we realised that the reason for that is cause pigs despawn xD… so they dont show always… but yeah the current scan feels so useless sometimes and so overpowered in a way you feel bored playing… so scan needs to specifically be able to scan either for footprints and heatsink and wildlife… maybe show actual outpost enemies too… and their heartbeats

Dude you know when I said scan, I was talking about hitscan from the guns, right?

Not to mention the current thermal vision does not even have fking live time sound sync and scan… the left vertical sound line doesnt do shit xD its just there for aesthethic… I am highly for making it actually useful… they missed so much needful shit lol… for the actual sound indicator bar to move and spike up if it hears gun shots… or yelling or AI… or wildlife…

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Wait whats hitscan for guns xD…

The ft guns. While I agree with our scanning system could be better, my issue is with guns being hitscan.

Wait im still confused what you mean being hitscan? like it does not show on actual predator isolation scan? when its being fired?

Ok so, hitscan is the bullets don’t actually travel, they just instantly hit where the sights are, when you aim your gun.

What I want, that I think would help balance issues alot, is for guns to be switched to projectiles.
Meaning the bullets would actually travel, like how the plasma caster blast has to travel and isnt instant? Kinda like that, but keeping bullet travel speeds.

Think of like how gunplay is different in call of duty vs battlefield.

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Oh thaaat… then why didnt you just call it a bullet drop system xD… that shit needs to be added asap… on that note im about to make a topic in general about bullet drop being needed in game and the travel time for bullet too…

@Draedark @DreamOnBlueDream @Idek @Idunno56 @Jaysus @Elliott626 make sure to upvote @Fire post… and tag the ILLFONIC devs… the bullet drop system and bullet travel time is really needed…


Because it’s not the same thing. It goes together kind of, but only adding bullet drop wouldn’t be enough.

I agree… they need to add realism lol to the game… i see many people wanting the game to be realistic so then BE IT…

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@Courier these seem like good changes


They need to get rid of observant as a perk fireteams shouldn’t leave footprints when not muddled up and be at risk for target iso. When they muddy up they shouldn’t show up on target iso but they should leave footprints since they’re literally covered in mud


@IllFonic @Courier Sorry for constant tagging… but this needs to be added

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Fair. If preds weaponry is projectile/ballistic based, why are the FT weapons hit scan?

The amount of times I’ve had a nicely lined up shot with the bow or caster!!!

Would level the playing ground nicely and give guns more character and purpose of use!

Let’s do it @Courier

Pass it off to the team! <3