Do NOT play with these cheating PC players!

The only way this game could have a worse name , would be if the title was changed to “shut the fuck up and give us you’re money”. At least then i would admire their honesty

Dude a macro that works like a turbo mode is cheating.
This is just common sense.

It’s pretty funny how pc players try so hard to change up what’s clearly cheating.
Like the macro used to break out of the net faster.



If there is no advantage, why do they use them at all?

Education is the key

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This is kind of a pointless conversation to have because there’s no convincing macroers otherwise even though they’re banned in every competitive game.

They’ll just be like bla-bla my mouse life span…my arthiritis I cant tap buttons…I spent money so I will use it!

It’s embarassing.

But tbh console facing PC in general is an unfair advantage because of the mouse itself, nevermind consoles 30 fps if a controller doesnt have serious aim assist its not nearly as accurate as a mouse period thats a bigger disadvantage than anything else listed


Yes, see this thread, they have commited there:

And, by the way, such video evidence has already been posted, I remember seeing it in some older thread and posted some links too.

It is fascinating, how people still claim, that there is no evidence. Those, who do, might be the most suspicious ones…

Thunder, it is the lowest level to attack someone for not being a native English speaker, if you ask me. If you prefer that, we all could switch to our native languages.

Let’s see what your English knowledge then is worth…

Getting shot through walls is a desync issue with the games netcode. Videos are everywhere and anytime you can see what the guys doing some guy with 90+ ping is moonwalking shooting at air while preds hp drops. Not new and not hax.
Downed players can slide around shooting if their packet loss is bad enough.

Might be. You will remember that I always told: it’s hard to distinguish between bug, exploit, cheat or just outstanding ability and caution in terms of concrete accusations is necessary.

But some guys in this forum always scream for video proof.

The things which can be proven by videos (namely, that sometimes veeeeery strange things happen, which are not related to outstanding ability) has already be given enough.

No more, no less.

I agree in that those videos cannot clear up whether the underlying reasons are bugs, exploits or cheats.

But meanwhile, we have concentrated on the use of macros, where we already have some firm confessions. Still people shout “no proof”, “no proof”, “no proof”…

Hope they do better in real life…

Fire you are suppose to support me no matter of what bullshit I say! What the hell is wrong with you?!
Fuck it! No cookies tonight for you sir!

Some cookies from me then…


It’s because they think everyone should be using macros and/or the game shouldn’t have fast tapping.

It’s stupid but you play DBD on PC, people get hooked, turbo their spacebar and go read Twitch chat instead of playing the game.

Games aren’t designed around macros but they want them to be because tapping while aiming is hard and thats how they justify it and thats about it, it’s silly.
You know that thing about patting your head and rubbing your head at the same time? It’s that but they just want to just sit their hand on their head. When shooting you’re

  1. Aiming
  2. Tap firing
  3. Managing recoil

They think its fine to just hold the button and full auto performing only 2 actions while everyone else performs 3.
Obviously holding a button to break out of net while sprinting is easier than trying to tap and sprint at the same time and they know this.

I know they know rapid fire scripts are cheating they’re just willfully ignorant asking if its unfair to the people who are playing the game vanilla.

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Mine are the best! I serve them with milk and roses!

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Not for this one.
You agree macros are cheating or I swear I will make it so you never have your mask, pc, or any weapons when you spawn in.


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Hmmm, roses, f***, I am out…

I know you are more then capable… you hacker you…
Ok, fuck it… you may have a cookie or two…

…Macros are no cheating


WHAT?! What did I do?!

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Thank goodness, my day is made!

By the way, I am off for now, CU :)

I play with ppl using macros on net, interaction and shit - I still get their skulls in the end and I don’t use any macros… so how is that an advantage for them? If a guy brakes out of your net in half a second and you keep using that net on him - well, the problem is you, not the macro. You have other weapons at your disposal that will make his macro count for shit. Ever seen a macro helping out when a spear is being thrown in your face?