Cloaked Pred Distance spotting solution

So spotting the predator at distance is too easy - I’m on a high end gaming machine playing in 4k screen resolution. With epic setting textures and epic setting antialiasing I can distinguish a cloaked predator who is moving so much easier the further away they are.

This would appear to be caused by the refraction shader effect used on the pred cloak, and how it works at distance. That effect has a smaller range of pixels to draw from in the background when the predator is further away (rendered smaller), and in order to distort and create variance against the backdrop the predator always appears as a lighter or darker silhouette and sticks out like a sore thumb.

Imagine having a completely black background and dropping a single white pixel in there. If you are looking for it you will see it easily. Same can be said of the opposite (white background and black pixel)

My solution to this problem is incorporate the invisibility/fade renderer used on predators who are completely still.

For example - a predator who is 175m away or more should have the cloaked effect, but a fireteam members client should also make that predator only 25% rendered which would supplement their invisibility. This is almost completely faded out similar to when the predator stands still in cloak but stopping just short of that.

This percentage should be a gradient/curve which increases incrementally as the predator gets closer so that at 150m the predator is now +50% rendered while cloaked.

This continues down to 100m where the predator is then 100% rendered and the cloak works as it does now.

FT snipers may be able to discern movement still but it makes invisibility work at range. By zooming in with the scope it should negate the effects.

There might have to be some experimentation with distances and the fade effect to get it right though. Maybe even only fully render a cloaked predator at 75m as this is still a gulf of distance.

@Courier @OldKingHamlet - could you pass this suggestion onto QA and maybe give it some internal testing to see if it works?

That way nobody with better hardware gets an advantage to spotting the predator and you even the playing field whilst giving preds stealth ability a bit of a buff?



I belive the Predator’s cloak should use a distance+movement system, the further away better his cloak will be, and the less movement harder it will be to spot him.


Essentially as per the op 👌 I know its a bit long winded but it was written more from a technical perspective to be given to QA

Pred would need a bind for walking on PC. Sticks can make tiny movements and be pretty invisible in this case. Maybe just buff crouch walking in general.

Crouch walking is about as close as we will get to pred slowly shimmying across branches like at the end of the first predator too

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Shimmy shimmy y’all…sorry, couldn’t resist🤣 Gotta be like ODB in PHG if you wanna kill those scummy FT😉


everyone complaining about FT snipers… try running impentrable and height advantage with large pouch… If you can just leap from branch to branch the amount of dmg you take is so minimal. The facts are you can take 70 rounds of the gosl in the tree. Use defense on train… and keep jumping let them play shoot the predator cause they arnt gonna hit you much and if they do its minimal dmg.

Do they work together? Because in the previous patches couldn’t be equipped together because only impenetrable worked.

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Scope, thats a great way to put it and i like it. Iv also said something similar with the clicking sound that should sound like a noise in each of the FT speakers that gets louder the closer he is to them. And not a directional sound.

they work together i tested it
10 percent on hunter and above… impenatrable adds 5 more percent at 15 plus branch master is another 10 on top of that… information is important.

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Had a simple fix plot, that just involved adding a Fog of War to PC players who lower their graphics.

Seemed like a simple adjustment, since it was common place in older games.

I’m not sure if you are playing the current build of the game…but welcome to the forums! They’ve taken care of this by implimenting what you asked for like about 2 patches ago i think.

Predator becomes completely invisible after 2 seconds of standing still while cloaked. Nothing new

I’ve posted a few times macho dude 😆

Nah I know when the predator is still he fades out, I’m talking about something different.

Basically at distance the predator fades to around 75% in addition to cloak when he is over say 100m 👌

This is probably the best explanation of why spotting the pred at a distance is easier than much closer. I worry about the technical limitations of such a change but I genuinely hope the devs are up to the task.

I wouldn’t even be mad if the Dev’s added a perk that maintained current visibility if taken either.