Confirmed (by themselfs) cheaters?!

Ok… I thought they were just very good, suspiciously good, but not to the point to call bullshit on them imho – I know my limits and understand that some FT will always hand my ass to me, I have no issues with that… but then in the lobby one of them said it blankly in to my face – “we are cheaters, I use aimbot”… WTF!? I’m far from being god in this game but what do you ppl think? First ever recorded and confirmed aimbot use in P:HG or was I just super shit today and he was jokeing around to make me feel bit better?

I really don’t want to point fingers and accuse, quz I simply don’t know. Dose anyone recognize those nick names? Did you played with them before? Was it also suspicious? Are they on forums? If so please hashtag them so they can response and provide footage of their perspective.

FT in this game:

dan38000 – one that said GG to me (very polite)
Ignoculus – one that admitted to use the aimbot (also polite ;-))
Tom Souer – one that said nothing (awkward)
Babadok19 – one that left the lobby before anyone said anything (rude as fuck)

It seems the first 2 were not even doing the mission at all (close to none AI killed). What is your opinion Forum?


First 2 of them are using soft, can assure you. Others are just random players.

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just 2 nice people :D
I played with and against them. Ignocculus wins most of the time against me. 1 time I won. and when I can win against him, means he uses no cheats lol
the are just joking


So I have two very good, pro players @Thunderwolf450 and @ADIsnap telling me two exactly opposite things… and than I have @PsychoBaBas giving me a facepalm… I really feel non the wiser XDDDDD But thanks for your input guys! ;-)

PS: I will take @PsychoBaBas advice ;-)


Gotta love it LMAO.

The mystery in the PC community for truth and morales lives on!


Hey! Thunderwolf450 is troll in this chat.
He defeated the FT many times with Ignoculus and dan38000
these guys spent over 30++ days in the game and Thunderwolf450 about 100++ days ;)) i think.
dude, your video shows you playing, you’re still new player.
You move very slowly and clumsily, you have no tactics, you stagnate in one place. Which allows you to deal a lot of damage instantly. You need to play more and maybe then you will understand why the best players no longer want to play as a Predator.

Thanks for input!

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I have only spent forty-five.

I think this whole thread is fabricated. There are cheats. Maybe just a handful though. Showing me a video of your perspective isn’t proof enough for me. There is a way to record your gameplay in higher settings while you play in low settings right? What confounds me is quick spotting while there was no way you would of seen me in this exact spot right on the money every time. I call bullshit.

So what hack are you suggesting exists? A spotting hack?

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@Overhere13 I will upload the videos of our matches. So people can finally stfu about us cheating.

It’s one thing running into one of us in a public match with 3 potatoes, but when there is 4 well coordinated top players It’s a whole different story.

Ask @Noktrum if he feels like I cheat when I play against him. It’s tough carrying a team of potatoes, fighting AI, doing the mission, and fighting the pred.

A team of 4 killers is RIP pred 99% of the time.

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lmao, dan38000 is a good predator but he’s one of the worst fireteam members that we play with, he’s like, legitimately bottom 20% fireteam skill level. youll be trying to fight pred and he’s off in another base trying to find veritanium and even when you happen to fight pred when he’s near, he’s not helpful. he might legitimately be worse to have on your team than a rando on account of dan just wants some cash and a rando might want to kill the pred.

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I confirm! XD

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Watch the footage then

Wait, what?

Are we talking about the same match?

watching the footage, there’s a trash tier predator going against mid-level ft. looks normal for what happens when that level of trash pred hits a fireteam.

Good to know!

youre welcome :-).

sometimes it can be hard to tell for yourself as pred, but when you get matched up against the players of the skill level that they are that you lost hard against then it really shows your skill tier. Probably 3/10 but you might have had an off-game here so you might be a 4/10 pred. I’d need to see more matches before really dialing that in.

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As you can see I’m fully aware of my “level” and many on this forum will tell you I don’t play this game for ranking or glory - I play it for pure fun. This is not the point however - the point is was there an aimbot used, as Ignoculus admited himself. I need vet pred and FT opinion on was there 3rd party soft used in this match. The fact @Thunderwolf450 thinks that might be the case makes me wonder myself…

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He is trolling you.

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