Do NOT play with these cheating PC players!

Thanks to the awesome thread

several PC players have confessed cheating or exploiting.

Do NOT play with anyone of those.

If you see their names, just leave the lobby.

These PC players can play with themselves like they usually do IRL, too.

They will have excuses like “I just use a macro.” for quick strikes with knife or pistol.

And you will have only one answer for them: “Get lost, cheater!.”

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Do NOT play with:


Just add further names.

I can assure you that @Scarface_1983 and @PsychoBaBas are no cheaters. I play with them every so often in pubs - sure, they are very good so its difficult as fuck to even get close, but once you are close you can inflict some damage no bother.

Few days ago I’ve claimed Scar when he was on his way to da choppa ;-) That would be undoable if there would be soft involved.
If you have footage that shows them actually cheating - please share so we can all see it. I would love to rub it in their face!!!..and than would probably still play a match with them because those are the best, most intense games I have in P:HG ;-)


Scarface and PsychoBaBas use macros which is cheating.

I know it from playing with them in their fireteams.

And they confessed it in the other thread.

I personally never use them, quz I don’t feel the need - all I need to have fun is already in game, but macros is not cheating. Cheating is using stuff like wall hacks, aimbots or godmode. Exploits like hiding under the map is also cheating (you can’t get hurt but you can kill everyone else)

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Do you want to get added to the list yourself, Noktrum?

Hereby, any use of macros or similar is considered to be cheating.

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Oh for fuck sakes XDDDD That is the sort of threat you get when you work for Disney and say to your sup “woke is shit, lets go normal” XDDDD

Be my guest - add me to the list, in game nick Noktrum666


Confirmed Noktrum is a cheater because they don’t agree with you. Not agreeing with you is cheating.


On a serious note, OP, you are not the one who decides what is and is not cheating. The devs are the ones who decide that, and they have never listed using macros alongside things like undermeshing.


Once again, those players are not cheaters. I agree that using any external device to gain an edge in-game is cheating, as is the definition, but really, how bad are macros? I mean c’mon. There’s a hell of a lot worse they could do to you without macros, dude. Macros are literally just ease of access. Easier to do most strenuous tasks. That’s it lol.

Just because they beat you doesn’t mean they’re cheating. Scarface’s team IS THE fucking 1 percent. If you even manage to down one should be an achievement. So don’t feel bad when they hand you your ass on a silver platter. It’s ok to lose, long as you learn from it

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By that process, does that mean that pc players also aren’t the ones who decide who doesnt cheat? Because some seem to know as a fact that few cheat and jump quickly to call it bullshit without any evidence 🙄 . Also I’ve no problem with any pc players on here , so my question isn’t related to a specific person


So, as an example, certain game mechanisms are designed to make themselves require a certain amount of effort (perhaps cutting out of Pred net) by the process of repeatedly and quickly pressing a button. If you’re using software to bypass that, you’re cheating.

The fact that it’s PC players who tend to do this, even though they already have a massive advantage with their M/K setup over console players makes it even more grubby IMO.


and how do they use them? For what advantages?


But its fun to do privates against them. =(

They good.


So time out here!

You just assume these players are cheaters and are up to no good? Mhmmm okay.

Do you have Proof of the accused cheating?

Probably not!

Sure there are the occasional pc low graphics users but who cares lol!

You just screaming about a loss is the equivalent of a 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum in Walmart cause mommy wont buy you that Super Princess Barbie you want.

If you have actually video evidence of you getting shot through rocks or what have you. Then post it. If not you need to nut up or shut up.

Also one more thing for your over inflated ego


Who died and made you Queen? Like who in the 21st century uses the word Hereby. Like wtf are you a time traveler?


Reads first post


Only response to threads like this


That’s basically the game right now
But it’s in the right direction balance wise

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