Dutch '87 DLC Pack Now Available

Dutch '87 DLC Pack is now available
Check it out now!


Can we have an Epic store option to upgrade to deluxe edition for PC please?

There are many of us that couldn’t cancel our standard edition pre-order because deluxe edition was listed so close to release.


Very nice trailer, I liked the editing and thought that last shot of the Predator was golden.

Thank you for making an effort and posting it here, and I like the new forum set up, also very nice.


We can’t make the game playable, but here is some DLC so we can take more of your money!

Game still crashes. No blue screens since deleing user data, but constantly freezes in matches.


I thought the DLC Will Come with an update fix…


Great to have “Dutch” as in the 1987 Film.

But this leaves room for two questions:

1-) Will The Correction for Error CE-34878-0 from the last Update Patch (2.02) be included in this DLC ?;

2-) Them put “Dutch” of 1987. Wouldn’t it be a Great opportunity to make the Jungle Hunter of 1987 a Paid and Available item also for those who couldn’t buy it in the Pre-Sale ?.

It being an Exclusive item is deliberately limiting the Game. For those who could buy in the Pre-Sale, Fantastic. It came as a Free item. But now it can also be an affordable item at Fair Price.


‘ahwheilabl nauuuu’

Dutch 87 content was already in the last downloaded patch…buying it in the store only unlocks it.
Any patch that would fix the sony playstation crashes would be to be worked out between Sony and Epic because I assume the Cross Play must have something to do with it or not.


Nope! If you want money treats, you must do bug fix trick first!

Every time. Literally. Every. Single. Time. I try to play it crashes.

No I won’t reinstall the game.

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Nice skin. But for me it sounds bad that he has the same 70 year old voice.
Yeah i know … But in 2020 maybe you can solve that the voice sounds like in 1987.

And pls make at least the red dot for he’s weapon


Any news about the free update that comes along side Dutch '87

They aren’t coming along side they’re getting released later this month. Literally just got a free update Friday.

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Uh yeah. There isnt one.

That’s exactly what I was wondering about. What about the new map and game mode? Do we need to wait until the end of September??

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This Friday?

Guys I bought it don’t be mad. I did it so I could tell all my friends the verdict. The gun has the same stats as hammerhead. So it’s disingenuous that they are making it seem like a new gun. Also his passives are stupid. His stats are just old Arnold with more stamina. Also his gun cant have attachments. ALSO it’s just DUTCH 2025 voice lines!!! Lazy bad dlc


How much did it cost?


Exactly, they said that they were going to release them with the paid dlc

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Patch 2.0?

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