Exile Predlocks 2.0

Here’s a link to the original thread where this discussion can keep going minus any member of Illfonic being tagged for a response.

The purpose of this thread is to ask for a clarification on why Illfonic is purposely misleading consumers and doubling down on their… well let’s just say smooth brain decisions.

Just as a frame of reference,

  • Exile was released on Oct 21st, 2021 on patch 2.28.
  • His predlocks (named “Tank”) released on April 19th, 2022 on patch 2.39

Roughly seven months (280 days including weekends or 128 business days if that’s just how they want to quantify that) of fucking around on the simplest of issues. These months were not spent on fixing bugs nor making balance changes or adding weapons, they were spent on releasing 5 “unique” preds with minor stat differences and several issues.


Dont liek


I bought the Exiled and I thought they would never add the damn predlocks. I really cannot believe that now that they’re out there, I cannot access them, because I haven’t reached that level. I paid real money; why can’t I get them already??


We’ll get back to you when we have more information.


Yeah bro it sucks. To be perfectly honest though, they look shit anyway on like 99% of Preds. They spaz out twice as bad as the Super Predator Predlocks did and they end up half disappearing and leaving your Predator looking like he has a bald spot with a thousand buttholes on the back of his head.

They look decent on a default Alpha Predator and don’t quite spaz out as much. On some other Preds they look decent in the customisation menu but in game, they practically break the damn game and give me eye cancer almost as bad as Wolf’s buggy armour when he came out🤣

GGs last night again btw bro👍


Yeah I saw for the first time today a video (Samhain13) showing the predlocks in action, and they are bugged as hell, like the Supers predlocks were at the release

still, bugged or not, those who paid for the Exile DLC MUST have them unlocked.
It doesn’t have any sense to have to reach level 500.
I like playing this bugged game, but that’s too much dammit.


the super preds looks are still buggy, and the tank looks are worse

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If they’re bugged to shit well then that’s no surprise, it’s Illfonics signature trademark. Still it makes no sense why they haven’t even addressed this at all other than their same cookie cutter bullshit response of “we don’t have that info yet” even though they’re the ones absolutely responsible. The fact they’ve been this quiet means they know they are scamming people and they just don’t care, if anything this should be a massive red flag to newer players to not buy their DLCs.


You do have a very good point there. I was watching a video (I think it was Sam’s) where they were bugged af, it was ridiculous, but still, I don’t think I should wait, you know?
Yeah, GG man!!! I watch your vids and you’re really good.


Thanks bro I appreciate it. Happy Hunting👍

If you have anything you want to see on the channel then I’m also all ears👍

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Just what I think I mentioned last time: I loved Cartoonz vids, cuz he was like talking stuff while playing. Lordy (yeah, I know nobody likes the mate) does that too and they both get tons of views. You could try that. I know it might not be easy, or maybe you don’t like that, but you could give it a try. Still, I love your vids man!


Thanks bro I appreciate the feedback and the input. I’ll certainly see what I can do. I’ve never really opened a party chat with just my self in it and commentated on gameplay because on PS4 it’s awkward trying to switch between game chat for when people talk shit🤣🤣

But yeah I’ll certainly try talk more for a few more videos when I get on my PS5 account👍

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I’ll get the notification, as I’m suscribed ;)

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Thank you bro I appreciate it 👍🙏

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Being that I can’t tag any mods I’ll just keep a nice reminder on how long it takes for a response

just another friendly reminder on this, it’s been 10 business days and still no word on this.


You awakened me from my slumber

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Here’s your word 🖕

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That’s more of a response than anything Illfonic said. They should hire you, at least you’d be honest.

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Just another friendly reminder on this, it’s been 12 business days and still no word on this. To think it would be so hard to get an answer for this, you only had 7 months.