Exile Predlocks

@Kassinaillia this is a legitimate question, why is it that Exiles predlocks are just a copy and paste of Elders and his actual ones are called Tank predlocks, an unlockable item at lvl 500 when he is shown to have those in all of his promotional art in the store and your website. It makes no sense in the slightest and is disingenuous to anyone who bought or is looking to buy him.

It would be like selling this new Emissary pred and when you get him his mask is locked until you reach lvl 750.


At this point bad business practices and Illfonic kind of go hand and hand don’t they? Or maybe all of this disappointment has finally jaded me…


They made a mistake during release of Exile and hadn’t corrected it. Much to the point the “tank” dreads are still on the store image for Exile.

Not sure about the logistics of this as to why they can’t patch it in, but it was left as the Elder dreadlocks ever since. You’d think when they noticed (and they have noticed) they’d have put out something like a “free DLC” to get it in people’s hands or had it unlocked. Or somebody would’ve updated to the storefronts.

Frankly locking it to level 500 is bullshit since the people who paid for Exile clearly are expecting the associated store image to be reflective of what they’re buying. Especially seeing as now it IS in the game and nobody has it unlocked. At 500 it is free, but you are asking for a significant time sink potentially passed the point the player may be interacting with the title. What’s more is that we all clearly expected to have it unlocked with Exile, and yet it’s not. Regardless of being able to unlock it, it wasn’t in the actual pack as displayed.


They did the same with Alpha when he released. He had Elders as a place holder for like two weeks before they gave him what should have. Idk why they couldn’t do the same here, it’s a slap to the face for all those that bought him.


@Kassinaillia I bought Exiled, and I really don’t feel I should wait until I reach level 500. It’s just false advertising!!


They set the bar for bad practices


IllFonic we PAID for the content you shown in the official image of the Exile Predator DLC, and now we should farm until level 500 to get the predlocks that are shown in the official image?

This is fucking ridiculous, make those locks FREE for those who paid them.


Its the best thing for the people that keep putting money into this game…really.

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True but a kick in the nuts also suffices.

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I will happily cover the travelling expenses if you have time?

We talking one kick? One kick from each foot?

Can I wear my cleets?

Up to you

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I feel you all on this. 500 900 to unlock anything or any new weapons for the humans. Kind of sucks and when ash vs evildead coming out know what i mean lol. Its a good game still just didnt need any of that high level bs in the game you know. If they can drop most of them to 300 or 200 it wouldnt be that bad but 500 and 900 damn im good. I like the game but not that much lol

Hopefully everyone here learns a lesson and decide NOT to buy into Illfonic. Fuck their ghostbusters game

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@Kassinaillia any word on this?

@Kassinaillia any update on this?

I don’t think they’re going to acknowledge it at all lmao. Remember to post this under every Illfonic post.

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When we are able to update the community on this topic, I will let you know.

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Thank you, hopefully it’s soon since it took 7 months just to see his predlocks in game albeit through this complicated mess.

Shouldn’t take too long right because it shouldn’t take more than a weekend to get an answer on something this simple.


The fact that it took seven months to get any word about this, and even then the word implies there’s nothing to say about the issue other than “wait moar”, makes me laugh.

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