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shit to try to remember but inevitably forget because this post is just as forgotten

Also, While this isnt my post, I feel my discussion with the OP was important enough to list it here. I really would like you guys to read it, assuming you care at all. Replies 7-15



Super bump lol

Idk I had too…

I appreciate the mention.

Thank you.

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Yeah I was pulling some posts off my ol rework guide and figured I would prop them back up here, and then I remembered a certain perk post that also needs some love lol!

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Bump… I want to read that TV info in the morning, “movie accurate” thermal huh? I have my gamma pretty low anyways, but I’m interested to see how different settings affect how the thermal performs.


So many people lost… Sigh. Itll never be the same, even if they fix this game. Its too late. The casuals have overrun us.

Lmao you ever watch aqua teen hunger force? Everytime you bump I’m gonna say, ARISE CHICKEN. ARISE. xD

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Lmao i swear

Im like fry, and you are the beverage man. And the rest of the community is meatwad…

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So I’m always an asshole to the community? XD
Il do it! Il beat and torture the community!

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Yes actually XD

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Well damn and here I was trying my hardest to be nice.

Excuse me, it’s time to personally attack everyone.
Lol jk.

Also heres @richterbryanimages (1)


Its fucking perfect xD

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On the real tho. I cant believe how many of the more thoughtful members of the community weve lost over the months.

So many people we traded for what? “BUFF PRED NERF FT” or viceversa. How much more toxic the forums have gotten over time. Its sad.

You know who I really feel bad for? You remember the dude who super early on made a survey that a LOT of ppl took, and illfonic just ignored it?

Like it showed what the majority wanted.
And so far it was the only time so many ppl from the forum actually took the time to vote and be a part of it.

It sucks. Cause I really feel every dev should make surveys like that. So far the only devs I’ve seen who’ve done that. Are the ones who made killing floor 2.

In the main menu you get linked to a survey asking all about what ppl think about balance, difficulty, ect.

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Fr tho.

Also im still waiting for u to put ur ideas into a post.

Ya I know. But sigh…
I’m so tired of ppl not even caring about getting on the same page.
And illfonic not listening to the high hours, high skill players, who’ve been here from the start.

But basically it’s not much more the stuff I’ve put.

Let’s embrace what we have.

Make pred stronger, more health, more damage.
Theres more to the pred side, but that’s the most important part.

Then, make the ft classes actually have differences.
Such as, support becomes an actual support class, lower their damage by 20%, but give them faster revives, and more support like gear and abilities.

Assault gets the most damage, but can’t get any cc gear.

Recon gets like tracking gear. And super high mobility.
Might have to fuse scout too, cause I cant think of any way to diffrienciate the two.

Dutch can get better stats, and maybe a bit of pred gear?

This isn’t my full idea, but the very simplified version of it.
It would basically make every class different,
And more fun to play.

Add in many different weapons, ammunition types, ect.

This is more focused on team work tho. Every class will feel like it would have it’s own role.

I would do the same things for pred classes, to make them feel different as well, but I feel it’s harder to come up with stuff for pred tbh.

I feel like this would help alot with the basic bitch feel of ft.

Plus, stronger ft, means we can get cooler enemies to fight as well. Like a.i. I mean.

But I’m just not sure how many ppl would like this idea on paper, even tho I know many would enjoy it if they played it.

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