Fireteam Parry

They reduced the time you’re stunned while parried, AND there is still so many of you complaining about parry. Seriously, what do you want? Without the ability to block melee attacks, predators would run though every team in seconds with current FT gun damage values.


You’re not wrong.

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Have- have you seen how fast guns can kill the berserker in melee range?


How fast can a berserker with fearless take down an fireteam member with an elder sword or katana?


Idk I feel it’s gotten better, but I can understand ppl hating it still. It still is a huge pain in the ass xD


Four people can kill the zerker is just over a second.

Have literally never seen that happen on PS4, not even when one slams and gets stunned without hitting anyone.

Just because something is possible, that doesn’t make it likely.

James Cameron parried a zerker so hard that it instantly went from alive to heavily damaged body. Zeus was not happy. James Cameron then killed Zeus.


That’s why a skilled predator doesn’t attack four people with their guns pointed at it.

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“Over a second” could be 15 minutes, so, you are not wrong.

Now if you mean “close to a second” you are wrong. That won’t happen unless all 4 FT members are shooting point blank and the pred is just standing still.

The combi, katana, elder sword… they’ll down a FT in 3 strikes. The combi will even hit several FT members if they are too close.

Well I said “just over a second” It doesn’t need to be point blank, just a competent teamwork distance, which is out of combi range. And its not about standing still, but as the predator does his three strike combo, He’s locked into that predicable animation, so he might as well be standing still. And those combos take well over a second to finish.

If I even have one person who understands the game, I won’t parry, opting for dps and the two of us can melt him before he can down me, which is more than a single combo.

here please educate yourself

the TTK on the faster guns (which is faster than 4 seconds is faster than any melee full combo in the game not a single melee weapon can down you first aside from a Eldersword fearless zerker assuming your hp is more than 150 (ie dutch/support or assult with perks)
as the game stands right now there is no reason to actually parry the predator unless yoru one of the low hp classes
in fact katana or eldersword with fearless as any class that isn’t zerker as support or dutch with perks the two of you will down each other at the same time assuming the predator did not hit you first
i’ve done this several times as @Fire and @Drakos have seen me do it in public matches

I play Scout.

in which case yes you are supposed to parry the predator so i can understand your frustration that parry keeps getting nerfed however literally 3/5 FT classes just aren’t cause guns kill the predator faster in close range which is even more frustrating than parrying tbh with you as a predator player

cause it makes us predator players (Feel) like melee which btw is 9 out of our 13? weapons as completely unviable specially when the melee class is soooo much worse than the other 5 class options
while i know having melee be too strong would be bad cause then every game would probably end at the 4 minute mark it (feels) like they should do something to make melee seem better than it is

imo they have to makee melee weapons have a 2ndary function via the L2 input such as knockbacks, blinds, stuns, aoe damage, dash attacks, thrown weapons etc… so that melee weapons don’t have to have high damage cause their use could be in a 2ndary effect but the devs just don’t get it

The nerfs, other than stun reduction have been fine. It’s people not understanding that without it, 90% of matches will be reduced to melee rushes. Why anyone would want that is beyond me.


I think that we all need to acknowledge that melee takes very little effort to inflict damage.

Projectiles take much more effort because of charge time, projectile velocity, and aim.

Therefore, melee must have a lot of risk involved because it’s easily inflicted damage for even the most unskilled predators. True melee skill is in timing, deception, and synergy with slams and traps.

Also, netgun.

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so does the elder sword. Social distancing is imperative.

Don’t forget about nets!

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Elder Sword is CRAZY broken. None of the dev’s actually play their game so they wont balance shit.


They do, when they’re FT they have custom helmets