Game Mode Idea

Hi guys as much as I love the franchise and this game (Clash) is well a major disappointment to the game.not saying your hard work is bad the mode don’t make sense to the game and well just ain’t good in my opinion. This is where I’d like to offer you this idea for a mode of you are willing to choose to or not.

Game mode (RESCUE)


MISSION: Predator (1) has a set time limit to get to other predator (2) who is being held captive in the facility by the owlf. Pred (1) has to sneak in kill certain member near the captive pred free pred(2) then cut scene of captured pred(2) putting on gear. Then alarms sounds and the fireteam is sent in to respond to this situation.
While this is happening everyone is watching the Pred(1) doing first part of mission if he fails to get to pred(2) and sets off alarm all fireteam 8 members will be active into the game to kill pred(1).
The (main objective) is for the predators to escape the facility 2nd is to kill all fireteam members.
In this mode predator (2) will only have combi stick and plasma caster. Where pred(1) has full load out. This mode has 2 sets so each pred gets a shot at being captive. Over all time 20 Mon game.


When one random player has a better idea for a game mode than the devs. 👍

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I never want to be Pred 2

Who wants to sit around half the match?

I think it would be better if there was only one predator and 4 FT and the usual AI except they only attack the predator… For the first half of the match

Match starts with predator escaping his cell

And is only equipped with a cloak and wrist blade at first

He must slowly build his arsenal up by finding them around the map in restricted areas

So how does the Pred get in?

Certain AI have access to the area via retinal scan or finger print recognition

Pred kills them and takes their head or arm to open the door… or waits for them to enter and follows stealthily

Halfway through the match the base is assaulted by STGZ and now FT has AI to worry about as well

The predators objective is to find/destroy as much tech as possible while killing as many FT before making his escape


Bad idea with the game mode, BIG waste of time for people.

  • Captive Predator sits 10 minutes in the queue, only to sit and wait again, hoping that the rescuing Predator will come and free him? The 8 Fireteam players just sits and waits aswell during this time?

  • What if the rescuing Predator fails? Or if it’s a 9 year old kid who doesn’t even know what to do?

  • Who would want to first sit a long time in the queue and then watch someone else play?


Well idk it seems way too fast paced if u ask me… again idk… i have no clue anymore lol…

Im just gonna say they should just do a 3 v 8 or 3 v 12

Sort of AVP1 vibes with Predators 2010 vibes.

This will be an variation to the hunt… where u hunt in packs and hunt more people i guess…

Fun all around and no actual over thinking in it…

Only bad thing would be the que i guess but oh well… for that to work we neee a shit ton of more players and constant online players too…

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I think that’s why they held off on it and gave us clash first. They tested to see how the matchmaking faired for 8 people first to see if there is enough people… Cuz the datamined game mode gauntlet has max 15 players which most likely is the 3v12 scenario. I believe that they think that game mode will spark the interest for more people to get on the game and bring back old players which I’m pretty sure it will.

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I cant see 8 ppl waiting for the pred 1 to free pred 2. What if pred 1 decides to troll and tea bag or do the stanky leg til the clock run out?

Make 3 pred vs 3 FT.

Instead of 2nd wind each pred can be captive ONCE upon the first death.

First Down for FT equals perma dead for that load out/ass type. Each FT gets 1 reinforce each but a different loadout/class comes back on that 1 reinforce.

FT must secure a secret UKNOWN weapon in a predator drop pod killing all AI and capturing the room for 1 to 3 mins (dependant on map size/time to reach the point). Opposing predator tribe must destroy it and as well as a predator spacecraft perhaps in an adjacent hangar/room.

This much action could last 15 mins to 20 plus mins.

To all that replied with negative and positive feed back of my idea thanks. Lol I obviously didn’t go into alot of info this idea was a basic idea of what I had planned. The time limit for full game is 20 mins that means pred (1) has exactly 5mins to get to the pred (2) if he can’t the other pred will have a cut scene of escaping on its own pred (2) won’t have 2ndwind but pred(1) will. Pred (2) has only combi and caster as pred(1) has full gear. I’m such people can wait 5 mins after having to wait 30 mins for a game as

A Predator 1v1 mode;

Two Predator players go head to head. Their primary objective is to claim as many AI skulls as they can. Matches take place on the same maps, but there are extra buffed AI and they spawn infinitely. If they kill the opposing Predator player it’s worth 5 skulls.

That’s just something I came up with in less than a minute, but we all want a mode that tests our Predator skills against another without any Fireteams in our way.

How about illfonic or rebellion remake avp2010 game that to me sounds about right right.

I’d rather they make a new one

Why the game was good story was good.not alot they can do to wreck it lol

Because they can do better

Did you play the 2010 AVP?

I own it

It’s a good game

But I want a new experience

Well there have been other so called aliens Vs marines game we shall not mention for it was completely shite lol. I see what you mean by wanting a new experience.question have you played ff7 old one and have you played the new version of the 1st topic but just a question

I was never into turn based jrpgs

But the remake looks good

Ah well you missed out on a really great game.played that back when I was I think 13 I think when it was released. Played the test thing and while it looks amazing I’d rather play the old one.

You know? I’d just be happy with an offline mode. That’s it! No wait times… perfect for me. If you could choose the AI FT’s loadouts and increase their damage (difficulty), I could spend hours playing this game.