Ghost Recon Breaking Point

I would tend to agree with fire on this one. I just can’t see a platformer leading to stealth. Top-down 2d games on the other hand… oof, those are good. Probably one of the best horror games I’ve ever played is called Darkwood - top-down, no jumpscares. It builds fear and tension like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and that’s what a horror game should be about.

It’s not really a platformer

Besides it has sound manipulation, distractions, vents, hideaways, and even a small number of special units that make staying undetected harder.

It has more stealth mechanics than ghost recon has. I don’t see why ghost gets a pass just because it has your generic detection bars that every generic shooter has.

I think I’ve heard of it but never played, I’ll consider it

Have you tried MOTN?

If it isn’t a platformer, is it top-down? Because a top-down I could see being easily stealth orientated. Also never played ghost recon, but personally I think detection bars are a bit lazy. After all, in no realistic stealth scenario would it take someone 5 straight seconds of staring at a crouched guy in the shadows to figure out something’s wrong.

No it’s what you were thinking, but having that specific camera angle isn’t specifically platformer specific. There’s plenty of soulsikes who use that angle on a flat 2D plain

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Hollow Knight’s a platformer, change my mind lol
If it’s 2d and you’re jumpin over and around obstacles, it’s a platformer reguardless of how many oversized weapons or dodge-roll upgrades you have. But hey, I have no idea what MOTN stands for, so if ya elaborate a bit further I might check it out and get proved wrong.

I was referring to the lesser known ones

Mark of the Ninja. It does having jumping and all that stuff but it’s as much a platformer as titanfall is

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Titanfall’s kinda just a 3d platformer gameplay-wise, from what I understand… but i’ll check it out anyhow.

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Agree to disagree on that but

Yes play Mark of the Ninja. The fact that it doesn’t have a sequal is Blasphemy

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I take it all back, MOTN looks like Carrion and that’s always a good sign. Carrion’s one of the few 2d games that, like motn apparently, involves actual stealth elements (in some places; not many tho lol) and has no platformer mechanics whatsoever.

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I rest my case

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Dude you gotta stop depending on whether people tried it or not. At least with me. I’ve played enough games that I can tell what it’s like. It looks pretty good, but not true stealth like I’m looking for.

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Go fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yourself, stealth elements does not equal true stealth.

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Fak yu

It has all of them though with heavy emthasis. Besides the only thing it’s missing is the ability to come from a 3D plane which hardly discounts the gameplay based on either sneaking up or sneaking past enemies.

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You dont get it, and from the looks of it, you dont.
You just dont understand true stealth.

You like the game good for you, but it’s not true stealth.
True stealth let’s you approach from multiple angles and completely survey the scene from all sides and give you multiple ways in throughout the entire mission.

I dont care that you like it or you think it’s good.
Whether its good or not isnt the point.
The point is 2d isnt true stealth.

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There are multiple ways through the mission

And your criteria that you have to have multiple ways to approach from isn’t an actual definition of a stealth game.

It’s just something you added because that’s how you like stealth games

I dont give a shit what you think man.
I’m tired of arguing with people when I know I’m right.

Ask anyone what a stealth game is, youl get the same answers.
Splinter cell, mgs, tenchu, ect.

None bein 2d.

Accept it or dont.

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By this logic soulsikes can’t be 2-D

Not to mention this example only showcases that there are a lot fo 3-D stealth games and relies on the idea that changing the formula changes genre entirely dispite the core of the genre still being there.

This isn’t proof of anything

Frankly so am i