Give Predator classes their own special attributes such as fireteam classes have

Okay this is probably gonna be the only good thing they can add in game instead of buffing all preds at once and will help them in future for organising stats for edits…

Okay @IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet If you guys are still here listening and havent disabled the tags yet… which i hope is the case… cause this is the thing that would help people benefit from in future etc…

I would like to begin by saying that this would basically allow predator classes to actually be classes instead of them having like no actual info and actual stats… except it shows like HP, stamina, gear slots…

OK here is how i pictured the system but ofc im not a dev and i would love if you guys can make it work

The pred atribute system:


Should have an attribute which allows him to traverse tree’s faster and also his energy should deplete slower than all the classes out there existing currently…


Should have balanced out attributes such as assault class has for fireteam, where he has better damage control on his weapons such as plasma cannon, bow, disc…


Should actually have blast resistance such as support has and can also tank the actual grenade blast or impact grenades if they are not direct on him… so blast dmg does not really affect him that much…


Should have ability of gaining extra speed buff and damage increase buffs on his gadgets such as bear traps, movement trip that allows it to be longer and better radius, audio decoys should be longer and would be louder as he is actually closer or further away …

He should also gain better stamina and speeds when he is cloaked cause he is an elder pred a legendary title hunter… which is specialized for hunting and is skilled…

(Not out yet, fan class) Bad blood pred/Super pred:

Should have similar traits as breserk but the less health he has and more damaged he gets, the stronger his melee hits are and faster he gets, upto hunter speed maybe realistically, while his stamina also depletes faster but charges also faster… And the actual attribute resets once he eats a pig or heals up… so his rage ability resets to 0% extra stuff

Again this is my take on this would like to hear your opinion, some of these may sound a bit dumb and OP but oh well i will leave that to the devs…

Umm this is also more of an acceptable feedback suggestion for an idea… that should have been in game… and preds benefit actually from it lol…

@Lazycollinator @Jaysus @Fire @YUPPERS @Draedark (would love to hear your guys take on this)


In general I’m in favor of something like this

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Ima retag them

@Lazycollinator @Jaysus @Fire @Draedark @YUPPERS

Also umm for the FT players… this also helps out actual game balance and it wouldnt make it worse cause this way the devs wont have to buff every pred in game… rather focus on their ATTRIBUTES… right… makes sense i hope it does Lmao…

Il tag yur face! I’m all for the idea, but the perks could better.
Or in this case, passives.

This is a good start, but we need better stuff. Especially on the pred perk side, its extremely underwhelming.

Problem is, this is such a low power game, adding anything good, might be too strong.

I got a bunch of ideas tho lol.

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I get it… but in general this would make the job easier for devs instead of people saying PREDS ARE OP… so they could actually inspect the report and be like oh i see so the zerk still can rush in and people cant kill him… hmm guess we better make the blast damage resistance less good so he takes more dmg… and then so on… instead of nerfing overall DMG HP and shit…

Also perks have to be redone as well yeah… lmao

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I feel like each class should better represent their name.
Such as, scout.

Scouts are typically Intel gatherers.
So they should have a better vision mode, and the ability to zoom in while aiming.

A hunter should have more ways to track and trap.
But this is where I run into an issue.
Who should have the best tracking? A scout? Or a hunter?

Both are supposed good at tracking.
For me it’s pretty hard to say.

As for beserker.
I feel like he should be able to throw shit and stab/grab through walls.
Idk just something that screams beserker.

As for elder.

I have no fkn clue.
The ability to deflect bullets?


500 threads on class specific built in perks.

The non-optional stuff in the load screen cloak, vision, wristblades, caster, wrist computer etc should change with classes.
Give a class something other than secondwind/self destruct. Different cloaks. Different vision modes. Make some unable to climb trees or change the leap effectiveness. Etc etc Let people opt for no offhand wristblades and in exchange let them dual wield plasma pistols or whatever.


I do like where your head is at for this, and like @Fire and yourself have a hard time placing Elder. Also what about future Predators (Alpha, Samuari, etc.).

I do think that completely unique mechanics for each, though bringing more variety and potentially deeper game play, may lead to making the game even more difficult to balance for the devs. My concern there would be that folks would flock to the most OP/meta Predator and over play/use their mechanics. I realise this happens now, but I think a system like this could make it worse.

Right now, the way you describe your vision for Scout is basically how it currently is in game. Scout bio mask does not draw enough energy to drain them of energy. They in fact still slowly gain energy even with the mask on.

All Predators are already fairly blast resistant, so are you saying increase that for Berserker or reduce it for the other Predators, or both

Over all I would think that some additional baked in (and documented) passives for each Predator would be less complex to implement and easier to balance and add in slight variations for more variety (new Predators) down the road.

That seems to be the way the game is structured in my opinion at least.


Firstly the need and Energy stat bar, because they have different pools of energy.

The Scout doesn’t burn energy on thermal, which whole nice, isn’t a good strength for him

Things to consider
All preds climb trees
I love how the devs talked to the predator creators and decided to throw in a bow?
Berserker should be doing 45 to 50 wrist blade dmg with longer wrist blades.

With all stats the same and mot adding any weapon perks

Dithered lens
Faster energy/stamina
10 percent more dmg with ranged
35 dmg wrist melee 1.5 percent

Netgun has a timer of 3.5 sec
Traps are 4.5 sec
Plasma caster charges 50 percent faster
42 dmg wrist blades. Melee dmg 3 percent

10 percent reduction from bullets
5 percent reduction from knives
Predcour 5 percent slower
Ground slam 5 percent more dmg
Can fight through second wind
Wrist 45 dmg/ melee dmg 5 percent

All melee is 15 percent faster
Stamina regen
Parkour between scout and hunter
All ranged weapons like bow plasma and pistol are 15 percent faster
39 dmg Melee 2.5 percent

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Good idea, I’m for that 100%


Half the damages are super high?

No; can you math…

Thank god your not on the balance team

whenever your thinking about dmg numbers for the predator just use this method

keep in mind there are guns in the game that dish out dmg to kill predator in melee range in 4.5seconds or little as 3.3seconds


Lmao if a player has 150 health and one hit from your melee does 45 damage and 3 hits are successful 135 one more hit will end it so I’m confused? The base wristblade does 30 rn I only skimmed what you said

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And that all it should take… whats your point. With parry system… i think those numbers are very fair

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I mean yea but with the potato ft it would %100 be called op I like the damage and it would make it more realistic but pred can still wipe a whole team with wrist blades and net gun I sortov went over if they had different wristblades like long and short and decided the damage and combo shouldn’t change that much but each wrist blade would have a perk to it so ppl have a reason to use it. If that makes sense like a small blade would do posion damage so like net damage over time with the initial attack damage to be fair because the attack damage would be less but faster combo so u could run in and get out wile they are still taking damage

Lmk if you’d like more information on the other wristblades but maybe those damages would be exepteble but you’d need to calculate time of combos if it’s a bigger wristblade id assume attacks would be slower and you half to make each be even with balancing and make sure there’s no meta one that everyone’s gonna use ya know?

You cant base this off potatoes…
As far as what I posted for zerker.
It will allow him to zerker rage and continue the offense at the downside of not self destructing. He will have to choose. RUN/FIGHT/Or blow up. The elder 15 percent attack speed shows his experience using weapons at cost of a little dmg for attack speed. And the scout has dithered lens and increased range dmg to make up for squishiness.

I posted the above classes to give them all something unique. You cant even land the third wrist blade half the time anyways. Throw on owl wolf and all those numbers go down.

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Yea usually I base all my ideas off medium to great teams but in the end somebody’s gonna say nerf it lol