How about an ability to carry off and hang up a downed team member, so they couldn't be revived?

Think about it. Predators hang up their kills all the time. There are already victims hung up in the game. It should take double the stamina to carry a downed team member up a tree, etc, or make a wire snare trap that hangs FT members on its own and you could claim them later. Discuss.


Im all for it because if they can work out carrying downed ft members they can work out using their bodies as bait.


Well that would be a bit much bud. Just claim them on the spot if you don’t want FT to revive. You’re new so just learn the game

Great idea man but In this case it would be more worth the damage ect if they also couldn’t be reinforced

This is where the snare trap comes Into play.
This trap is placed in the trees and when triggered pulls the FT up by their neck. The lower the HP they have before they get trapped the shorter time they have to free themselves. They can be shot down by their teammates as well. If they don’t get out in time they die and can’t be revived. They can be reinforced though. Predator gets 4 standard. Gear cost would be 2


This is a horrible addition, unless your goal is long que times.

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Lol not really thinking about que times ch just came out this must be the worst they’ll become because he’s one of the main things ppl wanted lol but we need so much more pred and ft arsenal and customization lol so any gameplay addition ect is a yes (unless it’s super dumb) 😂 and a gamemode where a lot more ppl can play 3preds 8 ft seems fair based on current balancing lol

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No worries, it’s a cool idea. I’m just being sensitive about que times right now.

I suggested some new FT classes, but people don’t seem particularly interested. It’s a shame cause even pointing out where my balance is off or one sided would be helpful.

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Link me the posts slasher. I didnt see them

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Here you go.

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Why? You can just quick claim and they can’t be revived. Also, there would have to be limits like no leaping.

I suppose I should clarify. No leaping whilst carrying an FT member, but the FT member can not respawn AT ALL, not even during a reinforcement mission. Thats the trade off. The predator risks way more damage carrying someone away to skin, but if successful, the FT is permanently down 1 member.

Poop. What I meant was no respawn for that particular FT member PERIOD. No reinforcement. Nada. But the predator risks way more damage in the task. And if the FT finds their buddy, they could shoot the branch he or she is hung from to free them, provided predator hasnt skinned them yet.

The snare, I think, is the better idea overall. That seems like a neat little addition for the least amount of dev effort.

The carrying players thing has been brought up before. Should be unique to zerk or assassin or something similar if implemented.

Would be great if all preds didnt play the same and hit & run every match.

This should have been in this game from day 1! Also, as option we should be able to skin them!

Ok, here is a controversial one, but hear me out - we downed a FT member. We can claim his ass on spot as usually (that would give us xp etc) or we can drag him away, climb with him on the tree, skin him and hang him - this will prevent FT from getting this FT back with reinforcements, but at the same time will not give pred his xp.

EDIT : Sorry guys, only just noticed this exact same idea was mentioned before XDDD

No worries.

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This is a problem though, it will teach players to quit out if they can’t reenforce. Games like this one need the player base to stay engaged with the match, even while dead.

Mechanicly theres nothing wrong with this, just an alt. Way of claiming a trophy. My only problem is the lore, preds skin bodies of foes as a warning to other prey as that kill wasn’t worthy of making a trophy out of.

Problem with that, level 150, hang 100% of the time

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