im going to add you, and if you’re not on epic games, well i guess you need to update. …edit: i tried. I guess youre not on there yet.

I don’t wanna question why you have smoke grenades but why are you using them lol, there’s no benefit to them against the Predator player because they can just toggle heat vision.

hey man why you got crit his looad out?

I’m just saying, it’s to help him out.

I use the smoke granades only while waiting for reinforcements to arrive and while waiting for the helicopter to arrive. 😉

Smoke grenades are great for lowering PS4’s fps from 30 to 10.


It’s Florida man…he’s gotta bring the smoke lol.

All jokes aside welcome to the Forum @Raphael_Adolini-1715. I personally take a long time to warm up enough to team up with people so no offense but I might not jump on your offer.
Good luck and maybe I’ll see you in the jungle

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Don’t take this the wrong way. I made a series of tutorial video for “new” players but found out a few veterans even learned a thing or two about the game from it. Illfonic even tweeted it to try and teach some fireteam tricks. Take a peek when you get a chance

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Yes, very good advice in this thread.

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Exacly - In PHG I’m Smoke-Noob Saibot 🤣

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No thanks I don’t want bad que times with the 3 PC players left

If you use smoke and heat you can make Pred blind and ambush him in it or like my friends say, prison shank him till the smoke clears

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This requires really coordinated setup or really…REEEEEALLY stupid preds

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Oh also here you go

tenor (1)

I know how much you love it

Of course I’m not saying do it with potatoes, especially with potatoes or they might just sit there…getting baked! Lol see what I did! Lol…I know it’s not funny 😔

i have you banned, so i dont see anything you post. i would give it another 3 months.

Once I thought that was a girl but then I forgot Vampires just look girly lol (twilight)

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I am king