Last chance Illfonic

If the auto getting logged out bullshit is not fixed in the next patch that’s it. game abandoned and I will file a claim with my credit card company for being sold a product that is not fit for use. (The ACCC wil also alow the reclaim because faulty products can not legally be sold in Australia)

Fucking over it.



Wow, now they really “afraid” of you :)

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They should be simply because I’m not the only one. The player base is shrinking so fast it’s insane.

At least where I live I can get my money back, which is some sort of compensation for me and actually costs them.


IDK about Australian laws, but something tell me that most community will have long lawsuits (court cases) and mostly not for their (players) side in final

Actually in Australia a complaint to the ACCC about a product being sold that does not work as intended and advertised does not require the individual to make a law suit. The government does the law suit on behalf of the consumer.

The shrinking player base should also make them afraid.
As they are relying on planned sales of DLC.

And most players seem unwilling to pay for DLC unless the bugs are fixed.

Give it til August at least. Before everyone tries the same shit lol.
I still want this game to succeed.

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So do I, but it’s getting beyond a joke.

I agree. And sadly it’s so many other games now a days. I miss the old days of gaming.


When there was maybe 2 or 3 serious titles a year?
You mean when a game had to be polished before release?
When there was a good 6 months of small release beta testing?
When the only people playing games were actual gamers that knew, you win some you loose some? (and that if you were good and someone beat you, you added them to your friends list and trained against them daily).

Yeah I miss that as well.


Shit the first FPS multi I ever played was doom II. (first FPS multi ever to my knowledge).

and you had to be in the same room as the other guys.

(I was 12)

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Oh man it wasnt even just 2 or 3 a year. It was so many. If you enjoyed multiple genres like I did.
There were so many options.

Right around when the Wii came out, that’s when things kinda started going bad.

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Yeah, I’m an old fart.
When I started gaming the internet wasn’t a thing…

And even after it became a thing and games like Unreal Tournament appeared.
Only people with a brain were able to connect.

25 years later and here we are…

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First games I played was super Mario 3, kirby’s adventure land, and megaman 6, I was 5 years old xD.

On a small black and white tv lol.

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Mario on sega megadrive at 4 years old or 5. That’s when the rage began.

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1st game I played was pong and joust on Atari


You got me beat. Lol

at least that’s personal rage.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve broken some controllers in my time.
But it was only ever myself to blame.

How da fak did you play mario on a sega???

that’s actually a very good question lol

The first mario games were hand held donkey kong 4 bit games.

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It was possible? I had a unit with games preinstalled on it. It had mario, battle city, soccer etc.