Illfonic: “Out of office for Holidays”

Real english, not american english…

Oxford english is what every english speaking country that is not the USA learns.
American English is the spelling taught in the USA because they can’t spell.

Your job here is done!

You scholar you!

Bye bye now!

Sorry uk spelling or anything from the uk dont amass for shit since yall lost in 1776


I’m Canadian and we were under the queens rule…

Havent spelt that shit that way EVER lmaooo

I’m not english mate,
And a language is the way a language is.
So if 95% of the speakers of a language spell words one way, and 5% spell it another way. The 5% can’t fucking spell.

We get the right to spell anyway we want since we undefeated. Lol uk went from being the aole largest land owner to just a island. Lol thats what happens to losers.

Fak yuh I can spellz jhust faine as an amirecan.

But no seriously armor, looks better than armour.
Other small things like that, that just look better over here lol.

no worries,

oyu cna sepll tinhgs yanyaw oyu anwt.

I see you had a stroke here.

That way yes. Since you are following a set rule right there that it needs to be the same amount of letters and the 1st or last letter need to be correct and your brain auto reads it

You’re a lozer

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It says

“you can spell things anyway you want”, I thought an american would understand that.

Ew Canada.

I try. I enjoy it.

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We blew the White House up… twice

Mic drop

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You also never left the country again for any reason (even to help allies)…
proud moments

Who would want to defend you? Looool

I’m Australian mate, we’re the ones that are always called in to help.

Have not been in a conflict in the history of the country when we were not supporting other nations to defend themselves.

Unfortunate how such an awesome country can produce galahs like yourself.

Anyways my coffee is ready and I have some spines and skulls to rip.

Cheers mate!

There’s no excuse for ignorance…

Better stop typing, your coffee will get cold

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