In-game information relating to Predator passives please.

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I know this isn’t the first time this has been asked for (compiled a list of related threads below).

However I think it’s well about time you added this information to the Predator class selection screen so all players (new & old), know for certain what each class selection provides, outside of the obvious stat bars.

Please add this information into the game, so we can make educated decisions on class builds and perk choices.

You provide this information (even if it is in a limited format), for Fire Team.
Please provide the same information for Predators.


@Felaeris also found that the scout has a degree of dithered lense.


Well it is a scout, but the damage you take from a scout is in my opinion not worth the benefit of a hunter class

I’m sure many would agree with you, but that is quite a subjective area.

The main fact remains, we shouldn’t need to guess or find out this information ‘by accident’.

Elder has higher plasma caster damage but they just reduced his melee damage though and also his energy drain bar drains less but his melee power was on par with the berserker and scout has infinite infrared vision

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Jesus, this hurt my brain.
I mean… I didn’t even know most of that (assuming it’s correct)… and I have over 300 hours, and Elder is pretty much the only Predator class I actively play.

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Yes sir all of them have different traits or as you say passive but yes elder is the best class. And I also believe that his distance he has higher resistance

But it’s hard for me to figure out about alpha if he’s just a clone of Hunter or if he has his own passives but I believe he does the most damage with the sickle

True, but I can’t have an objective opinion on that as I’m on level 85 and bought the game on release date, but work and life, I’ve been striving to get that elder class pred, because you and many others say it is better

I wouldn’t say it’s ‘better’. It just meets a particular type of play-style.
I know many other max level Pred mains who prefer City Hunter.

I feel that, in the sense it does depend on play style, I’ve only been playing hunter as I haven’t bought any dlcs for pred specifically, (being the city and samurai preds) but since I haven’t played as them I can’t have an objective opinion, and I have watched vids like bloodthirstylord who is a bad ass pred player, that’s all I have to go off on, and maybe the few twitch streamers that play pred. But all in all it does depend on how you play you have to pick and choose spots which you should as a predator.

I like bloodthirstylord too somewhat. I’ve made my own personal tweaks to many of his builds. He’s got solid suggestions. I just can’t disc like he does on a ps4 tho.

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I feel you on the disc throw, he makes it look easy, I can never do that. And yes I use some builds he has for preds and tweak them to fit my play too, but I’m a very up close like I hang back but only to view the FT to see if there is a strangler or two, but that’s not the case. And I can never use bear traps like he does even with a net gun, I just have to play pred more to be better

He often favors builds that are tanky, and don’t favor damage boosts. I’ve found that imitating his style with damage perks is viable and nasty effective

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What perks are you using specifically with your day to day hop on The sticks after work build?. I just wanna know as fellow pred

Like what builds are you guys using after a day of real work, when you log on, what are the builds you guys use

This is going off-topic guys.

Yeah probably is, but do we care? That is the question

I think it would be nice to keep topics (especially Feedback topics), on-track and related to the original topic.


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