City Hunter Feedback

First, I wanna say I like how it plays. Fits my playstyle, and for now I used it with combi+disk and was pretty happy. That’s because it’s basically a hunter, but a bit faster (chasin pigs is easier) and a little worse energy, but nothing too dramatic.

I am liking the wrist launcher quite a bit so far.

For the looks:

It’s alright. I can’t say I’m super happy tho. I really would have liked a little more effort put into the mask, as the didn’t really change much from the infamous early pic (chin part missing, too curved on the top part). But as I said, not bad. Love the Plasma Caster animations


Jeesus christ please Illfonic change that shit immediately. Keep it ONLY for when he is using Healing Kits and maybe when he gets hurt a lot, that would be pretty damn cool

but for the love of god CHANGE the “main” roar with something less ear shattering because it’s so annoying to hear that crap every time you start the match.

I think it can be done just by removing the very early part of the audio clip, that’d be perfect.

I like the combi. But all the shaders other than the default one are completely messed up. It’s a bug, FIX THAT plz.

@OldKingHamlet @Courier


Gear slots are broken.

I don’t like how wrist launcher sets them on fire. It should spark. That’s all I have to say for now. And the roar.


I agree with you on the unique roar. It was creepy as hell when heard from a distance. I was floored!
Then he did the same roar when he won in the cutscene and i was like…darn is that how it sounds like up close?
I get it, it sounds synthesized somewhat like a computer and I get the alienesque nature of it, but it sounded suttle at first… I guess ill get used to it.

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The roar should be used for healing. Otherwise maybe an edited version of the rooftop roar?

  • I’ve noticed that emotes don’t work save the roar.
  • City Hunter’s horns clip through both Jungle Hunter and Elder masks

I kind of wish they changed the color of the plasmacaster bolts to yellow or gold like it is on film.


yea, forgot to mention that, same thing for me

Since the beginning they should have added different roars for healing, winning and the emote. At least they made a step in the right direction with adding unique roars to females and city hunter.

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I love the elder’s roar too

never heard it ingame myself. Shouldnt require to have the mask off.

The combi stick shader/texture issue has already been acknowledged, and the team are implementing a fix. Had confirmation from Courier today. :)

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I also belive the current roar should be exclusive for healing.

This should be his intro roar and wheel roar

And this one his victory roar

If they change his roar, they could also improve the roar of the others, give Berserker and Alpha Wolf’s roar, fix Elder’s roar and give JH his healing roar.

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the roar is lit
i bought it just for it

fook u

There are so many roars in those vids…why did they settle for the one?


They should use the roar that happens when he puts the blue gel on his arm. THATS an intimidating roar

Dunno man, maybe because of the very fact that CH has like a vast amount of roars, that is hard to pick one.
But his “WOOOOOOOOOAAAAHHHHH”(gel ones) roar sound cool too.

Small note for the devs incase their Intrested in Improvement for the City hunter.


please and thank you ~<3



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Should they change CH’s plasma shot color? Could be cool tho.

Also, kind of off-topic, but this entire scene would be a nice reference for new content like new vision, cold area, freeze guns, etc.

i agree that would be DOPE

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And pls repair the mimicry wheel only roar is working. And pls add ‘’ want some candy’’ voice to the city hunter, it is a must!! Also after throwing disc cloaking device thing is bugging like half cloaked half seen and there is a aim stuck thing pissed me off!! Pls make another patch to make these right.


Surely old elder and female have different roars?