Lazy Thoughts on 2.05 (Ignore all thoughts on clash, I posted about clash specifically elsewhere as opinion has changed.)

New map, Which is good. I Havent seen it yet but as I suspected its another jungle map. Nothing bad to say about this though. Im excited about the verticality proposed. We will see.

Sigh. As Shifo said, “Fireteam Hunting Grounds”. This is, hands down the worst possible outcome. Im kind of disappointed that this is what they have been working on. Not only is this likely to completely screw the queue times again, but its also a huge leap away from the name of the game “PREDATOR” which is highly annoying as someone whos been here since day one.

HOWEVER, its possible that this is a test bed for the same mode but with predator hunting the fireteams. This is likely going to be balanced over the next few months, and then predator will be let in on the fun, which im all for. But we really needed to get predator in there out of the box I think. Still, who knows.




about time lol

This is gonna make @Fire happy


Last time a change was made to cloak, it really only made things worse, not better. So while intent is good, In practice it might be worse. Im skeptical, but we will see.

Very good.

@Courier Im gonna need some specification on this, but does this mean that alpha is no longer a clone of hunter, but rather its own class? Or were all hunter classes changed in the same way?


I think this is good. But I need to see it in practice.


interesting. Not good or bad but scout is already pretty damn strong, so this should be interesting.

Probably good.

Overall, This was the update we were all kinda waiting on. This needed to be the update that fixed a lot of things and brought something fresh. I cant say it didnt fix some core issues or bring something fresh, it certainly has. But like with a lot of the design doctrine behind this game, I feel that it is extremely misguided and I imagine im not alone in my feelings on how disappointing this update is at face value. This update was very make or break for a lot of people, and I think its gonna be a break for a majority of the playerbase. I just hope this isnt gonna be the killing blow for this game. The IP deserves better.


I just need to say that this update speaks to how little our feedback beyond bug fixes and bitching about nerfs really matters. The devs are gonna make the game that they (or sony) want them to make and it doesnt matter at all what we want, or the IP deserves. This is really a loogie to the face straight from the devs. It feels like a fuck you, thanks for the money. I dont know what the hell is going on at illfonic. I dont know if its illfonic themselves or sony, but you guys need to stop what you are doing. Whatever it is, stop it, Go watch the movies. Read about a days worth or so of forum posts. Figure out what the fuck you are doing because this isnt a predator game. Its really disgusting seeing the predator name slapped on this game. Because despite its actually really good predator graphics and customizations, it fails at every single level to capture the heart of the franchise in any conceivable way. I watched the hardcore fans mass exodus off this game in the first two months, But I held out hope. I hoped you guys would get your shit together but you havent. And now im preparing to watch another mass exodus of the more casual predator fans because you have killed almost all interest in this game. I dont know how you are gonna come back from this, this feels like the nail in the coffin. I hope it isnt but honestly its what this game deserves, and what your wallets deserve. Im just saddened to see this happen.

For those who enjoy this update, Have fun. Truly, Im glad you can enjoy it. But its not predator. Not anymore. And it was the first game we have gotten in a long time to enjoy the franchise. But it has at every turn tried not to appeal to predator fans and be true to itself, but whore itself out to the playerbases from games like cod. Its disappointing, and while I respect your enjoyment, I hope you can understand the distaste everyone has.


Just wanted to put this in here so it doesnt get lost in replies. This changes my opinions on the new mode drastically, as well as my rant. Will edit again when I play it. For future reference OKH and Courier, Please explain that better for new modes XD Yall made it sound like just straight out cod match.


Just nah.
Nobody should be happy.
Nobody should be defending this game anymore.

A game mode to race to see who gets pred?
This should have been a minor mode.
What should have actually been released was a 2v8 or/and 3v10.

They threw a party mode out instead of an actual mode. I don’t see why.
Why not just throw out a co op mode instead?

At the very least it should have been 4v4v2.
That would have been just fine.


yep Im pretty, Same man.



Sorry to disappoint, but I’m happy. It’s something new that I haven’t tried yet and I’m excited to try. Everyone is basically holding guns at each others heads in here though, especially towards people who seem to have any incling of enjoyment to this game and new mode.

If I play the mode and it turns out to be absolute dogshit, then I’ll go against it, but fuck going against it without even trying it

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The majority of us wanted to team up as preds, not a chance to be pred as ft.
I saw a LOT of ppl want that.
Like a 2v8 or 3v10.

Honestly like I said even a 4v4v2 would have been nice.
But NOBODY asked for this.
This is a party mode game.
Like gun game or one in the chamber in cod.

Im not saying thos mode shouldn’t exist, I’m saying this is not what we should have been forced to wait for. This is not a main mode.


total agree with that 8 people racing and killing each other to be the predator lol…but i do love the other things predators getting buffed but i see 1 problem…IF THEY NOW DO ALL MELEE ATTACKS NOW LIKE BERSERKER HUNTER SCOUT OMG it gonna be more worse …and they nerf the alpha for what ??alpha whas good like it whas …elder mmm looking good …pig near by respawn perfect …new map ok …the new mode ridicilious now can 8 people wait and fight to become the predator …EVERYBODY EVER THOUGHT YOU GET 1 CHANCE OUT 8 THE BE PREDATOR…do 8 battles of 15min thats 2 hours and and in those 2 hours you have 1/8 chance to play predator …i tell you right now thats gonna be disaster


edited the post. Had to let some frustration out.


Stop complaining and be grateful
😍…this update is amazing, y’all just salty pred mains

Whatever I’m out of this forrum , Imma about to have some funnn!!!😎 wish y’all the best! Lmaoo😂😂😎

it is great update we get but the game mode mmmm …i have my doubts about it i prefer waiting 5 min to be predator than playing maybe 30 45 min and never had chance to play predator…and the bomb rewar and kill count love it too i found that whas missing a bit in the game

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Ppl wanted a 2v8 or 3v10/12.

Not this mode.
So theres nothing to be grateful for.
You really are a fan boy.


Honestly I wouldnt even call anyone who enjoys this update a fanboy. Theres nothing predator to be a fan of in this update. This is just… I dont even know what it is but it aint a fanboy issue.


Illfonic fan boy I mean.
I wish I was as easily pleased as that guy.

Imagine, you could be entertained for hours with a few rocks and sticks.


installing right now all ready the update im curious

Makes sense.

Me too man. Me too.

Sucks to be a hardcore gamer these days because companies dont give a fuck about us. Just the casuals. So they slap together a few rocks and sticks and amuse masses of people while people like us are just left wondering how it ever got so bad.


I just dont see how things can get better.
And some of the changes to the pred classes look horrible.


Well clash was indeed gamemode name Gaunlets next then.

well, At least I can confidently say that short of the game dying, things cant get any worse. This is rock bottom lol.

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Can only go up from here or sink.

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I’m still disappointed from you giving me a wrong release date last time, now this?

I no longer have any expectations of anything.
Everything is darkness…
My soul is an abyss…


and thats i all the time i say but i am toxic person if i said that …dev dont care about the forums they do there thing they want…and its not sony far from its pure illfonic …it whas excact the same with f13 but yeah im the complainer who bitches always…but mark my words it will always be like that …but i do have to admit here and there are maybe improvements to the predator side…we all know what to do go hunt and use all melee attack with fearless perk …and you become a better killing machine who only gonna do melee… they better buffed the predator weapons back to before …