Lost 100 field lockers

I spent 100,000 veritaniam, and got exactly 200 field lockers. I played one match as the Predator, and when I got back to the main menu I lost half of them! This is unacceptable! Also my Predator loadouts keep glitching, and switch my weapons, and gear.

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Thank you good sir.

Not judging but why are you stacking field lockers?

Also you may want to try opening some then reloading, it might be that the field lockers are just glitching the numbers and not disappearing completely.

Though that’s just based on a bug we had a while ago.

I was stacking them to give me something to do while I wait for a match as the Predator.

I did same thing you loose them after a 100 lockers if you enter a match with more than 100

Rest In Peace. It used to just be a visual glitch, but now it actually deletes them. Damn I haven’t been cataloging bugs like I used to.


Field lockers are worthless now

open all and restard game than became the rest is only when you buy over 100 and end the game …

Who has that amount of spare time mate 😁

I used to do community fed bug logs, when the April update drops I’ll restart them. I had it so people put console/pc, what side, what glitch was, error codes, and any other relevant information with no other extraneous details like griping about the game. OKH and C did check those on occasion, so they were somewhat helpful.

Did you log when they were resolved?

Yes, I also created a new one per patch.

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Did you post them on here?

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Yeah, I used to and made it a thread for the community to add to. Surprisingly none got derailed and the devs actually got some use out of them because they don’t have to sift through multiple threads and determine if the bug is even still in the game.

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I will have a look

I haven’t made one for this patch yet, I mostly made them back in the 2.07 range.

I’m still curious mate

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I bought 468 boxes, 8 opened and left the game (an urgent task for work appeared), an hour later I open the game and see that 100 them, 360 boxes flew into the pipe, I knew what a bug was, I would not close the game.

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